What is IronPort ESA?

Overview. The Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) is an email security gateway product. It is designed to detect and block a wide variety of email-borne threats, such as malware, spam and phishing attempts.

What are IronPort devices?

IronPort C380 – Email Security Appliance for Medium-Sized Enterprises and Satellite Offices. The IronPort C380 email security appliance prevents advanced threats, blocks spam and viruses, and helps enable corporate email policy enforcement for medium-sized enterprises and satellite offices.

How do I install my ESA license?

Choose the Cisco ESA/WSA software SKUs that should be embedded on the Cisco virtual ESA/virtual WSA/virtual SMA license. Click Next. Enter the email address to which the license should be sent. Finally, click Get License.

How does Cisco ESA work?

Cisco ESA uses a multilayer approach to fight viruses and malware: The first layer of defense consists of outbreak filters, which the appliance downloads from Cisco SenderBase. They contain a list of known bad mail servers. Cisco ESA also scans outbound emails to provide antivirus protection.

What does Cisco ESA do?

Cisco ESAs provide data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption services for outbound email. These services help protect the confidentiality of sensitive data being sent to external recipients.

How do I find my Cisco ESA serial number?

Physical Access (Hardware) For hardware models (x70, x70, x80, x90, x95, etc) you will see a sticker on the rear-panel containing the serial number. In some cases on newer models, you will see a pull-tab on the front-panel which should also show the serial number.

What is IronPort used for?

Cisco IronPort security management technologies provide centralized reporting, message tracking and spam quarantine services. Administrators can simplify email and web security administration, gain corporate-wide insight into their email network, and comply with governance and compliance requirements.

How does the Cisco email security Appliance work?

Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) protects the email infrastructure, and employees who use email at work, by filtering unsolicited and malicious email before it reaches the user. Cisco ESA easily integrates into existing email infrastructures with a high degree of flexibility.

How to migrate from a physical IronPort ESA to a virtual one?

This post will be a collection of thoughts and my own experiences when migrating from a physical C160 to a virtual C100V appliance. Other IronPort ESA P2V appliances may be similar so it’s worth reading on! Firstly let’s talk about the Configuration Migration Tool that Cisco developed.

How much does IronPort email security virtual appliance cost?

IronPort Email Security Virtual Appliance | IronPortStore.com – Authorized IronPort Channel Partner. Automate email security to give your IT staff more time to focus on other issues. *Price per user. Minimum quantity is 100. *Price per user. Minimum quantity is 100. *Price per user.

What are the interfaces on a virtual IronPort?

Now, on the virtual appliance, you’ll have three interfaces. Management, Data 1 and Data 2. On the C160 you only have Data 1 and Data 2 so you won’t be able to just import your config without making some (really easy) modifications. Replace the sections listed above in the physical config from the ones in the virtual config

How does Cisco IronPort work in the cloud?

Deploys as a lightweight sensor via the cloud or on-premises in the customer’s environment as a hosted Virtual Machine (VM) of choice or bare-metal installs. A cloud-based sensor is provisioned as part of Cisco Cloud Email Security deployment.