What is the editorial policy of the nation?

Nation Publications shall be obliged to report news truthfully, accurately and fairly. Only what may reasonably be true having to the source of the news may be represented as facts, and such facts shall be published fairly with due regard to context and importance.

How to deal with conflicts in the onion?

● Do a quick presentation on The Onion, its different layers and its application to conflicts. See handouts for more information. ● Introduce the idea of needs, interests and positions, giving definitions and concrete examples. ○ Clarify any questions or confusions around the difference between needs, interests and positions.

How did I get a job writing for the onion?

Getting a job writing for The Onion is not easy. But there’s no big secret to it, either. The Onion has a jobs page on their website. Yep. That’s the big story behind how I got hired to write for The Onion: I went on their website and applied. But here’s the thing — I did this at least twice with no luck before I got accepted.

What is the purpose of the onion framework?

Purpose:The “Onion” framework illuminates certain key elements at play in conflicts and helps us analyze them so they can inform our strategies. Specifically, these include the needs, interests, and positions of parties involved in a conflict from the most superficial to the deepest ones.

Is the house journal a newspaper or a magazine?

• In other words, the house journal is a newspaper or a magazine published by an organization, monthly without any cover price, and its distributed to selected target4. publics. 3. 1.

When does a company publish its own journal?

• When a company publishes its own journal to carry its own versions of their own readers, for building goodwill amongst customers or reinforcing the employee loyalty, the3. house journal serves as a means of achieving such aims & objectives.