What is the HP mission statement?

Welcome to HP Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere — every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. This motivates us — inspires us — to do what we do. To make what we make. To invent, and to reinvent.

What are the core values of HP?

Our Shared Values:

  • Trust and respect for individuals. We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and dignity for all.
  • Achievement and contribution.
  • Results through teamwork.
  • Meaningful innovation.
  • Uncompromising integrity.

What is Netflix values and mission statement?

Netflix’s mission statement is “We promise our customers stellar service, our suppliers a valuable partner, our investors the prospects of sustained profitable growth, and our employees the allure of huge impact.” The statement resounds what the company is best known for – providing outstanding and unparalleled video …

What are the objectives of HP?

The HP Company has clearly stated their corporate objectives, which are customer loyalty, profit, marketing leadership, commitment to employees and so on. HP devoted to provide the good quality and value for gaining respect and trust of customers.

What is full form of HP laptop?

Hewlett-Packard Company, American manufacturer of software and computer services. The company split in 2015 into two companies: HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

What is Netflix’s motto?

See What’s Next
Our answer: “See What’s Next.” A succinct tag that encapsulates Netflix’s mission and disposition, it also speaks to Netflix’s maverick, pioneering spirit. Connecting people to stories is Netflix’s core objective, and anticipation is at the very heart of storytelling.

What are the values of Google?

Google’s values according to AskStudent.com:

  • We want to work with great people.
  • Technology innovation is our lifeblood.
  • Be actively involved; you are Google.
  • Don’t take success for granted.
  • Do the right thing; don’t be evil.
  • Earn customer trust and user loyalty and respect every day.