What is the item code for oil in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Material Code List

Item Name ID Code
Oil 001bf732
Plastic 0006907f
Rubber 00106d98
Screw 00069081

Where can I get a shipment of oil in Fallout 4?

Shipments of 25 oil can also be purchased from:

  • KL-E-0 in Goodneighbor.
  • Trashcan Carla, who roams between Sanctuary Hills and Drumlin Diner.
  • Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen.
  • Isabel Cruz in the Mechanist’s lair (if she is spared during Restoring Order)

Where is trashcan Carla?

Bunker Hill
She can be found in Bunker Hill with the power armor right by her side. The Sole Survivor is then free to take the power armor without it being considered as a crime.

How do I get bone in Fallout 4?

Bones can commonly be found in meat bags around super mutant camps, ruins, uninhabited areas, and bunkers….Feet

  1. Eight in the overturned bus on the southeast road from Faneuil Hall.
  2. Six in Dunwich Borers.
  3. Five in Cambridge Polymer Labs.
  4. Five in Fallon’s department store.

What happens if trashcan Carla dies?

If the brahmin is killed, Carla will attack. On death, the brahmin drops brahmin leather, along with some assorted junk items, and Carla will drop her jacket, along with some assorted items.

How do I get trashcan Carla out of my power armor?

There’s at least one option: Bunker Hill. Random caravans will stop there from time to time – Trashcan Carla’s included. She’s an educated person and will leave her armor before talking to her clients. It’s not exactly easy to find her there, though – I had to pay several visits (waiting didn’t work for me).

How to use shipment item codes in Fallout 4?

To use the commands, you first need to press the tilde key ~ and then type the command Shipment of Ballistic Fiber – 25 – 001EC138 Shipment of Antiseptic – 25 – 001EC139 Shipment of Aspestos – 25 – 001EC13A Shipment of Ceramic – 25 – 001EC13B

How many barrels of oil are there in Fallout 4?

form ID. 001BF732. 001EC14C (shipment of 25) Oil is a crafting component in Fallout 4 .

Where do I find cheat code for Fallout 4?

Find below a searchable list of all Fallout 4 item codes for items, objects and gear in on PC (Steam), XBOX and PS4. Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 2891 IDs. For help spawning items using these ID codes, please see our spawn item help page.

What is the item ID for shotgun shell in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Item ID List Item Name ID Code Shotgun Shell 0001f673 2mm Ec 0018abdf Mini Nuke 000e6b2e Missile 000caba3