What is the official birthstone for February?

Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the world. The name comes from the Ancient Greek, derived from the word methustos, which means “intoxicated.” Ancient wearers believed the gemstone could protect them from drunkenness.

What is January’s birthstone?

Garnet, coming from the Latin word Garanatus, means seeds or seed-representing. Some garnets do resemble the seeds of a pomegranate, which is why this is the chosen name for this stone. Garnet is the birthstone for January and the gem for the second anniversary.

What being born in February says about you?

People born between February 1 and February 18 were born under the star sign Aquarius, while those born later in the month are under Pisces. Aquarians are often considered to be original and progressive thinkers with strong humanitarian instincts, while Pisces are often very compassionate and artistic.

What is the most loved birthstone?

1. Emerald (May) The lush abundance of spring is mirrored in May’s birthstone, the emerald, with its deep green hue, making it the best birthstone of them all.

What is the birthstone for February 6?

February 6, 2018. The birthstone for February is the violet-colored quartz gemstone amethyst, and it is one that has a wonderfully colorful cultural history. The Origins and Cultural Significance of Amethyst.

What are the birthday stones?

In Gemology and Birthday Divination, the 12 birthstones or birthday stones and gems are; Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz, Turquoise.

What are the stones of the month?

Septarian, also known as Dragon Stone, is the Stone of the Month for November. These unique stones are formed as a result of volcanic eruptions, in which dead sea life and sediment were trapped and fossilized in mud balls. These stones are composed of Yellow Calcite , Brown Aragonite , and Grey Limestone.

What month is Amethyst birthstone?

February Birthstone Amethyst. The gemstone representing the month of February is the Amethyst. It is also a representative of the Zodiac stone for the constellation of Pisces. Amethyst is a variation of quartz, and is identified by its long prismatic crystals.