What is the scrap price for insulated copper wire?

NSW Copper Scrap Recycling buys various types of insulated cable scraps from individuals and businesses across NSW….Scrap Cable Price Guide.

Metal Type Insulated Wire Scrap Price
Insulated Copper Cable $1,500 – $8,000 per tonne

Is it worth stripping insulated copper wire?

So is stripping copper wire worth it? Yes, absolutely if you have a wire stripper. If not, then sometimes, but most likely only if you have wires you’re sure have a high copper recovery rate.

What do you do with insulated copper wire?

What To Do With Insulated Copper Wire: Take it to your scrap yard and exchange that wire or cable for some real money. Be sure investigate your local scrap yard’s policy on insulation; some will prefer that the insulation be removed first.

What is the price of number 1 insulated copper?

No. 1 Insulated Copper Wire Scrap Price

Region Price
North America $ 1.51 per Lb
Europe $ 1,900 per tonne
China, Asia CNY 25,000 per MT

Can you scrap wire without stripping?

Scrap yards will never encourage you to strip your copper wire when you bring it in. That’s because they don’t have to pay you as much for the copper wire when it’s not stripped! Get the most out of your copper wire by taking the extra time and stripping it!

What is the difference between #1 and #2 insulated wire?

Scrap copper #2 tubing is different than copper number one tubing in a many ways. The most noticeable difference between the two classifications of scrap copper is that copper #2 tubing does not have a shiny look to it.

What is the easiest way to strip wire fast?

Make copper wire stripping easier Instead, place the insulation in a black box and use the sun or a low temperature oven to heat and soften the insulation to make it more malleable. This will make it easier and quicker to then remove the insulation with a handheld stripper or razor blade.

Where can I get insulated copper wire for scrap?

We will be able to help you get the current price for scrap Insulated Copper Wire and other materials we accept at our facility located in Rockaway, NJ. If you are not sure what kind of metal you have be sure to see our price list on our website complete with material descriptions and pictures.

How big of a wire is good for scrapping?

Insulated Copper wire smaller than 16 gage (1/16 inch) and has a copper recovery of 55% – 69%. The copper wire may be coated by tin or nickel. All stranded wire smaller than 1/16”. Most of these cables are made of copper, and this makes them ideal for scrapping, as copper products are bought at good rates.

How much does a pound of copper wire cost?

While every scrap yard is a little different, these are good rules of thumb to go by when estimating the cost of your scrap. Current Price of Insulated Copper Wire As of September 2020, you can expect to sell copper wire for about $1.90 per pound.

What is the purity of copper wire scrap?

Very clean copper wire scrap at purity 99.99%. We have very clean copper wire scrap millberry at 99.9% purity for sale at very god prices. We handle exports to all parts of the globe.