What is Unit 7 AP Human Geography?

Welcome to Unit 7! In this unit, we study Cities and Urban Land Use. Welcome to unit 7 of AP Human Geography—Cities and Urban Land Use. In this unit, we will look at land use through two different angles. First, the external forces that shape a city, and secondly, the internal forces that shape a city.

What are favelas AP Human Geography?

a neighborhood in which the people who live in there and share physical, mental, and cultural traits. Favela. the brazilian equivalent of a shanty-town, which are generally found on the edge of the city. Female-headed household.

What is centrality in AP Human Geography?

Centrality. the strength of dominance of an urban center over its surrounding area, larger than the MSA or agglomeration. Centralization. the movement of people, capital, services, and government into the central city. Christaller, Walter.

What is the rank size rule AP Human Geography?

According to the rank-size rule, there should be a larger number of small cities than bigger cities. Also, this rule predicts that the larger a city’s population is then the fewer number of cities there should be in the surrounding area with a similar population.

What does Barrio mean in AP Human Geography?

barrio. a Spanish-speaking neighborhood in a town or city. chain migration. Migration of people to a specific location because RELATIVES/ members of the SAME NATIONALITY previously migrated there.

What is threshold in AP Human Geography?

Threshold is the minimum number of people needed for a business to operate. Primate cities have at least twice the population of the next largest city in the same country.

What is a high threshold AP Human Geography?

By definition, a high-threshold function requires a large population to make the economic endeavor profitable; a high-range function draws people from far away to purchase the good or use the service.

Does the USA follow the rank size rule?

The rank–size rule is a common standard by which urban primacy is established. A distribution such as that in the United States or China does not exhibit a pattern of primacy, but countries with a dominant “primate city” clearly vary from the rank–size rule in the opposite manner.

What is Supranationalism in AP Human Geography?

Supranationalism definition. an alliance involving 3 or more countries for their mutual benefit such as economic, cultural or political/ military. Devolution definition. the breakup of a country into smaller countries due to a conflict within the country.