What material is Denby?

Our handcrafted stoneware is made from the strongest Derbyshire clay. When it comes to durability, our stoneware is the stuff of legend. Here at Denby, we pride ourselves on the strength and exceptional craftsmanship of our pottery, which we’ve been making in England for over 200 Years.

Is Denby Fire discontinued?

Denby Fire was produced from 2002 until it was discontinued on February 1, 2018. If you need replacement or additional pieces for your collection of Denby Fire, monitor this page on a weekly basis for new listings.

How much does a Denby plate weigh?

Technical Details

Product Dimensions ‎27.94 x 27.94 x 5.08 cm; 4.54 Grams
Is assembly required ‎No
Number of pieces ‎1
Batteries required ‎No
Item weight ‎0.01 Pounds

Does Denby pottery still exist?

Today, Denby Pottery retains its traditional stoneware values and British design, while offering a full catalogue of stone and glass kitchen and dining items.

How do you find Denby seconds?

What is a Denby quality second? Denby glaze is distinctive and unique and color variations can occur. If the color varies beyond strict tolerance levels or has imperfections such as spots of uneven color, Denby designates that product as a “second”.

Is Denby still in business?

In February 2014, the company was put up for sale by its owner Hilco Capital following expressions of interest from other companies. Hilco cancelled the sale in January 2015 due to improvements in the company’s growth. As of 2021, one of the Board members of Denby Holdings Ltd was from Valco Capital Partners LP.

What is a Denby coupe plate?

Introduced in 2004, Denby’s Linen range is expertly designed and manufactured from locally sourced clay in the heart of Derbyshire. The Coupe Dinner Plate is part of Linen’s Kitchen Collection, featuring a full oatmeal glaze to create a chic aesthetic. Perfect for lazy Sunday brunches with friends.

Is Denby pottery made in China?

Denby is famous for its stoneware, still Made in England in the same way it has been for over 200 years, but as some of us prefer porcelain or china, or like to have glassware, accessories and cast iron to go with our tableware, then in these specialist areas Denby works with rigorously selected overseas craftsmen and …

Is the White by Denby pasta bowl made of porcelain?

Chic and stylish, the White by Denby Pasta Bowl is crafted from porcelain. Ideal for warm and cold salads, pasta dishes and desserts. A pure staple for every modern home, this super sophisticated collection is both clean and minimal. White by Denby is crafted from porcelain and like our stoneware it’s designed to last.

What kind of dinnerware does Denby white make?

Denby White is an effortlessly chic dinnerware range. These classic white porcelain pieces are perfect for showcasing your recipes. Featuring beautiful shapes and a neutral and clean design, they will never go out of style. Learn more… Learn more… This item is currently out of stock.

Is the Denby white collection out of stock?

Every modern home needs a stylish white collection. Denby White is effortlessly chic to showcase your most colourful flavours and will enhance any style of food for any home. A timeless design that is suitable for everyday use or to save for those special ocassions. This item is currently out of stock.