What should teacher portfolio include?

Suggestions of what to include in your teacher portfolio

  • title page.
  • table of contents.
  • extra copies of your resume.
  • letters of recommendation.
  • copies of references.
  • your educational philosophy statement.
  • sample lesson plans and /or unit plans you have recently used.
  • sample assignments.

What is a portfolio in design and technology?

In many professions, portfolios constitute a primary method of documenting proficiency, skill, style and talent by showing examples of actual work. The conversion of a portfolio into a product has become a significant problem, as have the constraints imposed by examining bodies.

How do I make a teacher portfolio?

Developing Your Profile

  1. Explain your educational philosophy and teaching goals.
  2. Choose specific features of your instructional program to document.
  3. Collaborate with a mentor and other colleagues.
  4. Assemble your portfolio in a form that others can readily examine.
  5. Assess the portfolio.

What is product design course?

Product Design is a course which deals with the design, manufacturing, and use of products around us. A course in Product Design prepares students for a career in product designing and manufacturing industries. The course has a lot of in-demand opportunities in various fields of product industries and companies.

What is design and technology HSC?

This course involves the study of design theory and practice, design processes, environmental and social issues, communication, research, technologies, and the manipulation of materials, tools and techniques. It involves hands-on practical activities which develop knowledge and skills in designing and producing.

How to make an editable teaching portfolio template?

Showcase your skills in a visual way to impress interviewers and land your dream teaching job! This template includes a portfolio cover, page backgrounds and headings, and examples and suggestions for what to include on each page of your portfolio. Just choose which pages you want to use and add y… More information

Why is it important to have a teaching portfolio?

A teaching portfolio is a valuable tool for any teacher to showcase their accomplishments. You may have heard of an artist’s portfolio — or even a Shakespeare folio — but you might wonder what could be found in a teaching portfolio.

Which is an example of an elementary teacher’s portfolio?

Showing good knowledge of website formatting, she doesn’t just have a wall of text, but gives introductory points about her skills and certifications, allowing visitors to read more if they’re interested. This is a good example of an elementary teacher’s portfolio. 3. Dr. Marc C. Santos →

Which is the best first year teacher portfolio?

He does clearly list his accomplishments, but this first-year teacher portfolio is more like a journal where we can see his thoughts and fears, as well as his development. It is engagingly written, and actually makes you want to visit again to see how he is doing. 5. Luis Javier Pentón Herrera →