When did the B-2 program start?

B-2, also called Spirit, U.S. long-range stealth bomber that first flew in 1989 and was delivered to the U.S. Air Force starting in 1993. Built and maintained by Northrop Grumman Corporation, the B-2 is a “flying wing,” a configuration consisting essentially of a short but very broad wing with no fuselage and tail.

Who invented the B-2?

Northrop Grumman
Northrop CorporationHughes Aircraft Company
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit/Manufacturers

How many B-2 bombers were made?

Only 21 B-2 Stealth bombers were ever built; 20 functional units and a prototype for testing. The prototype was later converted to a fully operational unit during the Clinton administration.

Why is the B-2 Spirit so expensive?

A key reason for this cost is the provision of air-conditioned hangars large enough for the bomber’s 172 ft (52 m) wingspan, which are needed to maintain the aircraft’s stealth properties, particularly its “low-observable” stealth skins. Maintenance costs are about $3.4 million a month for each aircraft.

Why is the B-2 so expensive?

When was the first Northrop Grumman B-2 bomber made?

The B-2’s first public display in 1988 at Palmdale, California: In front of the B-2 is a star shape formed with five B-2 silhouettes. The Advanced Technology Bomber (ATB) program began in 1979. Full development of the black project followed, and was funded under the code name ” Aurora “.

Who was the founder of Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit?

The Northrop Grumman B-2 “Spirit” (generically referred to as the “Stealth Bomber”) became the pinnacle of tail-less flight design that began in the mind of Northrop founder, Jack Northrop.

When did Northrop become a part of Boeing?

The first was the Avion Corporation in 1928, which was absorbed in 1929 by the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation as a subsidiary named “Northrop Aviation Corporation” (and later acquired by Boeing ).

What are the names of the Northrop bombers?

1 Northrop YA-9 2 Northrop YA-13 3 Northrop A-17 4 Northrop Alpha 5 Northrop B-2 Spirit 6 Northrop YB-35 7 Northrop YB-49 8 Northrop N-31 (flying wing bomber project) 9 Northrop BT 10 Northrop Beta