Where did the name Wasserstein distance come from?

The name “Wasserstein distance” was coined by R. L. Dobrushin in 1970, after the Russian mathematician Leonid Vaseršteĭn who introduced the concept in 1969. Most English -language publications use the German spelling “Wasserstein” (attributed to the name “Vaseršteĭn” being of German origin).

What do you need to know about the Wasserstein water sensor?

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What is the definition of the Wasserstein metric?

In mathematics, the Wasserstein distance or Kantorovich–Rubinstein metric is a distance function defined between probability distributions on a given metric space.

How does the Wasserstein solar panel charge your device?

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What do you get with an Wasserstein ring?

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Where does Bruce Wasserstein live in New York?

As of 2008 he owned an apartment at 927 Fifth Avenue in New York City, an estate in Santa Barbara in California, an Atlantic oceanfront estate in East Hampton (Long Island), a house at 38 Belgrave Square in London, and another apartment in Paris.