Where did the Winter X Games take place?

The winter sports were held in Whistler Blackcomb Resort in British Columbia, and the events included snowboarding and skiing. The Winter X Games are mostly held in the United States in January, but can happen in February, while the Summer X Games are usually held in August.

What was the attendance at the Winter X Games?

According to a 2008 report by ESPN, in 1997, the Winter X Games inaugural year, 38,000 spectators attended the four-day event. In 1998, the attendance dropped to 25,000 spectators. But just two years later, a record attendance of 83,500 people attended the Winter X Games’ East Coast debut.

Who was the winner of the X Games rally?

Travis Pastrana won the inaugural X Games Rally, beating the former World Rally Champion, Colin McRae by .52 seconds after the latter rolled his car with two corners to go at the Home Depot Center. It is his third gold of the event.

Who was the first woman to win a 1080 at the X Games?

Kelly Clark landed the first 1080 by a woman in competition, in Women’s Superpipe. Torstein Horgmo landed the first triple cork in competition, in Men’s Snowboard Big Air. Shaun White became the first to four peat in Snowboard Superpipe in X Games history.

When did freeskiing start at the X Games?

Whether you’ve been watching the X Games since 1997 or are a newcomer to the gravity-defying world of freeskiing, the chances are likely that you’ve heard the announcers rattle off some mumbo-jumbo about a halfpipe or slopestyle stunt that might as well be in Swahili.

How many rotations does a skier make in the X Games?

1080º or “10”: The skier makes three full 360º rotations. 1260º or “12: The skier makes three full 360º rotations with an extra 180º in the switch landing. 1440º or “14”: The skier makes four full 360º rotations. 1880º or “18”: The skier makes five full 360º rotations.

Which is the only sport that has been part of Winter X?

Snowboarding is the only sport that has been a part of Winter X since the beginning. Here’s a historical recap on how the X Games became what it is today. In 1993 ESPN was really starting to recognize the importance of action sports and its potential.