Where does Sebastiao Salgado live now?

His work resides in Paris. Salgado works on long term, self-assigned projects, many of which have been published as books: The Other Americas, Sahel, Workers, Migrations, and Genesis.

Where is Sebastiao Salgado from?

Aimorés, Brazil
Born in Aimorés, Brazil, Sebastião Salgado trained as an economist before becoming a photographer in the early 1970s. He earned an MA in economics from São Paulo University in 1968 and a PhD in economics from the University of Paris in 1971.

What is Sebastiao Salgado known for?

About. Sebastião Salgado is a renowned documentary photographer and photojournalist with a deep love and respect for nature while also sensitive to the socio-economic conditions that impact human beings. Salgado has been the recipient of numerous awards and has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2001.

Where did Sebastiao Salgado take photos?

Some of Salgado’s most famous images were taken at the Serra Pelada gold mine in Brazil where he immortalised scenes of medieval horror as tens of thousands of men worked in appalling conditions. Salgado’s most recent photo-essay, Genesis, marked a rekindling of faith in the partnership of humanity and nature.

How did Sebastiao Salgado change the world?

Capturing the Hard Realities of the Modern World Taking up photography in his 30s, Salgado yearned to capture the hard realities of the modern world. Salgado created striking images that helped present veridical narratives of human life on Earth.

How did Sebastiao Salgado become a photographer?

He and his wife fled to France, where he continued his studies at the University of Paris. In 1971, while on an assignment in Rwanda as an economist for the International Coffee Organization, he took his first photographs and soon decided to teach himself the craft. He became a freelance photojournalist in 1973.

What does the name Salgado mean?

Salgado Name Meaning Galician and Portuguese: nickname for a witty person, from salgado ‘salty’, figuratively ‘witty’, ‘piquant’ (from Late Latin salicatus, past participle of salicare ‘to give salt to’).

Why does Sebastiao Salgado use black and white?

Salgado explained that when he first borrowed his wife’s camera for his trip to Africa, he took photographs in colour, but then he began to find colour disturbing. He felt that a colour photograph both detracts and distracts from the subject, and from the information that he was trying to capture.

When did Sebastiao Salgado work?

Salgado worked on the immaculate faces of humanity and nature in a project called Genesis, from 2004 until 2011. It includes a series of images of communities of humans who till date follow their traditions and there are pictures of wildlife and landscapes.

What kind of name is Salgado?

Galician and Portuguese: nickname for a witty person, from salgado ‘salty’, figuratively ‘witty’, ‘piquant’ (from Late Latin salicatus, past participle of salicare ‘to give salt to’).

What is the meaning of Delgado?

Delgado Name Meaning Spanish and Portuguese: nickname for a thin person, from Spanish, Portuguese delgado ‘slender’ (Latin delicatus ‘dainty’, ‘exquisite’, a derivative of deliciae ‘delight’, ‘joy’).

What does Sebastiao Salgado shoot with?

Since switching to digital, he now shoots primarily with a Canon 1DS. As far as lenses go, he uses virtually the whole line of Canon L lenses. From prime 24mm to 300mm and zoom lenses covering the same length. Tri-X was his preferred film and today he still has Digital images processed to mimic a similar Tri-X look.