Who does Hoshi Sato marry?

Takashi Kimura

Hoshi Sato
Rank: Ensign; Lieutenant Commander (later in career)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Takashi Kimura

Where is Jolene Blalock now?

JOLENE BLALOCK NOW AND THE RAPINO FOUNDATION Rapino is the CEO of events promoter and venue operator Live Nation. Since marrying Rapino, Jolene Blalock has become a mother. She now has three children with her husband Michael.

Is T pol in love with Archer?

During the Delphic Expanse mission, T’Pol continued to serve as First Officer despite her not holding a commission. Phlox later implied that T’Pol had fallen in love with Archer during the time that she took care of him.

Why is Hoshi called Tiger?

His stage name means “gaze of the tiger” and was made by combining two Korean words: “horangi” (tiger) and “shiseon” (gaze). He chose this name because he feels he turns into a tiger when he’s on stage. In Japanese, Hoshi means ‘star’, so he uses both meanings.

Why was Star Trek Enterprise Cancelled?

When discussing why Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled after four seasons, Trinneer pointed to scheduling issues with the network (UPN) as well as losing a major corporate backer for the show early on: The problem was that for the nights that we were on, usually your Major League Baseball team was also on UPN locally.

Who was T’Pol betrothed to as a child?

( ENT: ” Zero Hour “) As a child, T’Pol was betrothed to a Vulcan named Koss; their marriage was due to be conducted in adulthood. ( ENT: ” Breaking the Ice “, ” Home “) Raised in a house near the capital city on Vulcan, young T’Pol had and cared for a pet sehlat.

Who are the members of T’Pol’s team?

In communication with Archer aboard Enterprise, T’Pol used playacting to get numerous members of her team – namely, Commander Tucker, Ensign Travis Mayweather, and Crewman Cutler – through the night, though she was forced to use a Vulcan nerve pinch on Ensign Mayweather. ( ENT: ” Strange New World “)

When did T’Pol resign from Starfleet High Command?

T’Pol’s decision brought considerable scrutiny upon her from her superiors, and increasing support for her from her captain; she ultimately resigned from the High Command and accepted a field commission from Starfleet in 2154, resulting in her being granted the Starfleet rank of Commander.

Who is Commander T Pol in Star Trek?

Commander T’Pol was a female Vulcan science officer in the 22nd century Terran Empire. In the 2150s, she served aboard the ISS Enterprise. During her pon farr cycle, T’Pol had Trip Tucker do her a “favor” that he enjoyed doing several times.