Who is the best structural engineer in India?

Structural Engineering Freelancers in India

  • Ravindra Daspute. PRO. , India.
  • indranil nag. , India. Civil Structural Engineer, Project Manager, Team Leader.
  • Krishna Kumar Lakhotiya. Bengaluru, India.
  • Aniket Poddar. Cuttack, India.
  • Er. Hiren Dudhat.
  • Avijit Bose. KOLKATA, India.
  • Tripti S. Gurgaon, India.
  • Ruban Samuel. Vellore, India.

What are the structural design companies in India?

10 Most Promising Structural Engineering Companies – 2021

Company Name Company Management
S.S.Civil Construction Subir Ganguly, Soumik Ganguly & Indrani Ganguly, Directors
Satya Illindra Engineers Satyanarayana Illindra, Founder
SCC Engineers M. Subramani, CEO
StruEngineers India Suhas Mohol, Managing Director

What is the highest salary of civil engineer in India?

Top highest paying jobs of Civil Engineers in India:

Sr No Civil enginer jobs Avg salary
1. Engg Project Managers 40-60K
2. Senr Civil Engr 30-50K
3. Engg Managers 50-70K
4. Civil Engr 35-45K

Who is Einstein of structural engineer?

Fazlur Rahman Khan
Today’s Google Doodle celebrates what would have been the 88th birthday of Fazlur Rahman Khan, the architect known as “the Einstein of structural engineering.” From his early life in Bangladesh to the pioneering tube structure that enabled him to sculpt the modern cityscape, here are five things you need to know.

What kind of education does a structural engineer need?

All structural engineers have a common educational background, which includes the following minimum requirements: A high-school degree. A four-year degree in civil or architectural engineering from an accredited college or university, with coursework that emphasizes structural engineering.

Who is the first structural engineer?

The recorded history of structural engineering starts with the ancient Egyptians. In the 27th century BC, Imhotep was the first structural engineer known by name and constructed the first known step pyramid in Egypt.

Which is the best structural consultant in Mumbai?

Several Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructural Projects are completed by Structwel effectively and efficiently. Services- Architectural Design, Structural Design, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Structural Audit, Repairs & Restoration, Conservation of Heritage Structures, Project Management, Design & Build

What are the services of a structural consultant?

We provide services like Structural Consultants, Conducting Structural Surveys, Providing an Estimate for the Repairs, Preparing Tenders and Setting Specifications and To Ensure Timely Completion of Work. We guarantee efficient service and satisfaction to our clients.

Who are the in house engineers of Structwel?

Having an in-House team of architects, structural engineers, electrical / mechanical engineers and project management consultants makes Structwel capable of handling various projects. Several Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructural Projects are completed by Structwel effectively and efficiently.