Who is the cast of the soap opera Kumkumapoovu?

Kumkumapoovu (English: Saffron Flower) is a Malayalam language soap opera that appeared on Asianet. It comprised 785 episodes. The first episode aired on January 31, 2011 and ended on February 1, 2014. Asha Sharath, Shelly Kishore, Sajan Surya, Shanavas Shanu and Rindhya were the main cast of the show.

Who is the lead actor in Kumkuma Puvvu?

The story is about a professor and his illegitimate daughter across situations. The serial Kumkuma Puvvu is starred by Asha Sarath and Sajan Surya in lead roles. The serial is the dubbed version of the Kumkumapoovu serial in Malayalam. Kumkumapoovu is one of the highest rated TV series in the Asianet TV.

When does Deva Kumkuma Puvvu serial start?

Deva Kumkuma Puvvu Serial is a Telugu Family Drama soap opera that airs on the Star Maa TV. The serial started premiering on 16 July 2016 and aired from Monday to Friday at 20:30 IST (8.30 PM). The story is about a professor and his illegitimate daughter across situations.

Who is the daughter of Mahesh in Kumkumapoovu?

When Mahesh marries the legitimate daughter of Jayanthi, Amala (who hates Shalini), Jayanthi realizes who Shalini is. Jayanthi must come to terms with her feelings about the daughter she believed dead. Later Shalini married Rudran, a local goon. In the climax, Rudran is murdered by an enemy, Shalini becomes a widow and finds her father and mother.

What happens to Jayanthi in Kumkumapoovu?

Believing her father’s lies, Jayanthi gets convinced to marry another person. What happens when she crosses paths with her illegitimate daughter, Shalini?

What kind of TV show is Kumkuma Puvvu?

Kumkuma Puvvu(English: Saffron) is an Indian Telugusoap opera that airs on Star Maaand streams on Disney+Hotstar. The series is partly inspired from Asianet’s MalayalamTV series Kumkumapoovu.