Who was evicted from Big Brother Canada last night?

TORONTO, May 6, 2021 – In Wednesday night’s emotional special eviction, Haida Gwaii’s Kiefer Collison was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. The radio host failed to win the most vital POV competition of the season and was ousted by Veto winner and the night’s sole voter, Tera Gillen-Petrozzi.

Did Big Brother Canada have a triple eviction?

Bobby was evicted on Day 49. Brittnee won the “Talk of the Block” HoH competition minutes later, and the House learned of the triple eviction twist. The twist deemed Brittnee ineligible to compete in the “Big Brother Workshop” PoV competition, which Ashleigh, Sarah, and Bruno were selected to compete in; Bruno won.

Who won fake double eviction?

MIND-BLOWING FAKE DOUBLE EVICTION WREAKS HAVOC ON THE BIG BROTHER CANADA HOUSE. TORONTO, April 23, 2021 – It was the ultimate fake out of the season in tonight’s jam-packed episode, as major threat Jedson Tavernier was eliminated in a unanimous vote of 3 to 0 under the reign of HOH Tera Gillen-Petrozzi.

Who got kicked out of Big Brother Canada?

Ethan Quance
BANFF – Ethan Quance, a 22-year-old man from Banff, was removed from the Big Brother Canada 9 cast after “significant concerns” were brought forward about the cast member.

What is the point of Big Brother Canada?

Each week the HouseGuests compete in several competitions in order to win power and safety inside the house, before voting off one of the HouseGuests on during the eviction.

Did Jedson or Tera win?

The two freshly-evicted houseguests faced off in a grueling head-to-head challenge for a chance to win their way back into the house where Tera ultimately emerged victorious and immediately rejoined the four remaining houseguests in the Big Brother Canada house and Jedson officially became the season’s fourth jury …

Why was Ethan removed Big Brother?

After being announced as one of the fourteen houseguests selected to enter the house at the premiere, Ethan was removed from the game before the season started after information from his past was leaked. He was replaced by Kyle Moore.

Who was the triple eviction on Big Brother Canada 4?

There was a triple eviction planned for Big Brother Canada 4. However, since Ramsey Aburaneh walked from the house, the triple was reverted back to a double. Kevin Martin is the first houseguest and first male houseguest to be evicted as a result of a Triple Eviction.

How many houseguests are there in Season 2 of Big Brother Canada?

It was confirmed in February that the season would feature fifteen HouseGuests, the same number as the previous season. Fourteen of the HouseGuests were revealed on 26 February, with the fifteenth being teased as the show’s first twist.

Who was the first late entrant in Big Brother Canada?

The chosen HouseGuest entered the House following the second eviction of the season, making them the first late entrant in Big Brother Canada. The spin-off series Big Brother Canada Side Show premiered following the first live eviction.

Where is the new house for Big Brother Canada?

For the new season, a new House was built at Showline Studios in Toronto. Photos of the House’s construction were shared online each Friday in the February leading up to the show. Entertainment Tonight Canada unveiled the new House on 24 February.