Who won the Conn Smythe 2008?

Henrik Zetterberg
Conn Smythe Trophy Winners

Year Player Team
2008 Henrik Zetterberg Detroit Red Wings
2009 Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins
2010 Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks
2011 Tim Thomas Boston Bruins

Is the Conn Smythe Trophy kept by the winner?

When a player is announced as a winner at the NHL Awards show, he doesn’t get to keep the award or trophy, though sometimes the winners get to appear with it at public events. Since the 1980s, winners have received mini trophies to keep.

Who was the first player born in the United States to win the Conn Smythe Trophy?

Brian Leetch
Brian Leetch holds the distinction of being the first American-born player to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as Playoff MVP. The 2009 Hall of Fame inductee was one of the best offensive defensemen in the history of the game, and is arguably the finest player in the New York Rangers’ 86-year history.

When was the last time a goalie won the Conn Smythe Trophy?

It’s the 17th time a goalie has won the Conn Smythe since it was first awarded in 1965, and the first since 2012, when Jonathan Quick won it with the champion Los Angeles Kings.

Who has most Conn Smythe?

the Montreal Canadiens
The most Conn Smythe Trophies won by an individual player is three by Patrick Roy (Canada) playing for the Montreal Canadiens in 1986, 1993, and in 2001 playing for the Colorado Avalanche. The Conn Smythe trophy is awarded each year to the Most Valuable Player in the Stanley Cup play-offs.

Who will win Conn Smythe 2021?

Andrei Vasilevskiy
The Lightning got a lot of help all across the ice, but their goaltender played lights out for most of the postseason. Andrei Vasilevskiy is your 2021 Conn Smythe winner.

Who picks Conn Smythe winner?

The Professional Hockey Writers Association
That player is usually a member of the team that wins the Stanley Cup. The award was established in 1965 and has been handed out to 47 different players. The Professional Hockey Writers Association selects the winner after the completion of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy 2021?

Who is the youngest Conn Smythe winner?

Patrick Roy
Twenty-year-old Patrick Roy of the 1986 Montreal Canadiens was the youngest player ever to win the Conn Smythe Trophy. A total of 36 different players have won the Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded to the most valuable player to his team in the playoffs.

Did Martin Brodeur win a Conn Smythe?

But the most deserving candidate was Martin Brodeur. Brodeur never won a Conn Smythe Trophy, which is a shame. There were only eight total shutouts during the 1994-95 Stanley Cup Playoffs and Brodeur had three of them. No one else had more than one.

Who Won Conn Smythe 2020?

Victor Hedman
Player is still active in the NHL

Year Winner Win #
2018 Alexander Ovechkin 1
2019 Ryan O’Reilly 1
2020 Victor Hedman 1
2021 Andrei Vasilevskiy 1

Does the Conn Smythe always go to the winning team?

Although most Conn Smythe winners have typically come from the victorious team, there have been exceptions throughout history that have managed to get their name etched onto the trophy. Dating back to 1966, here are five players who were named the postseason’s most valuable player after failing to win the Cup.