Why did Stingers end?

Stingers (1998–2004) is an Australian police drama television series. It ran for eight seasons on the Nine Network before it was canceled in late 2004 due to declining ratings and the late timeslot Channel Nine gave the program. Phelps and Kendall were the only actors to remain with the show for its entire run.

Why did Jessica Napier leave Stingers?

After her turn in Stingers, Napier concentrated on film work, landing four movie roles last year—Angst, Twitch, City Loop and Cut. She declined a long-term contract with Stingers because it required her to move from Sydney to Melbourne.

Where can I watch Stingers TV show?

Currently you are able to watch “Stingers” streaming on 9Now for free.

How many seasons did Stingers have?

Stingers/Number of seasons
Stingers ran for eight seasons from 1998 to 2004. This was a long run at a challenging time in Australian television, during which a crop of new dramas appeared that did not survive beyond one or two seasons.

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Why was Claire killed off on McLeod’s Daughters?

In the beginning, there were Tess and Claire (Lisa Chappell). Claire (Lisa Chappell) is Jack’s daughter by his first marriage. Unfortunately they killed off Claire because her contract with channel 9 ran out and she didnt want to renew it cos she wanted to pursue other acting jobs.

Why did Alex leave McLeod’s Daughters?

The departure of Michala Banas rocked the crew of McLeod’s Daughters and her character was written out to work on a farm for at-risk youth. Aaron Jeffery returned for one episode in season eight, where his character Alex Ryan was killed when a large tree branch fell on him.

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How many seasons of stingers are there in Australia?

Stingers (1998–2004) is an Australian police drama television series. It ran for eight seasons on the Nine Network before it was canceled in late 2004 due to declining ratings and the late timeslot Channel Nine gave the program. The series has also aired in 65 countries, including Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Gibraltar,…

Who are the actors in the TV series Stingers?

Series cast summary: Peter Phelps Peter Church 192 episodes, 1998-2004 Anita Hegh Ellen ‘Mac’ Mackenzie 110 episodes, 1998 Ian Stenlake Oscar Stone 110 episodes, 1998-2002 Gary Sweet Luke Harris / 83 episodes, 2000-2004 Jacinta Stapleton Christina Dicheria / 82 episodes, 20

How long did it take to get Stingers on TV?

John Wild had to get the show from a concept ‘jotted down on paper’ into a television series in just 11 weeks and in an 8.30pm time slot! It first began airing up towards the end of the year, on Monday nights.

Is the TV series Stingers based on a true story?

Inspired by true events, Stingers chronicled the cases of a deep undercover unit of the Victoria Police. The series also followed their personal lives, which sometimes became intertwined with their jobs.