Why is my arrow hitting my drop away rest?

If fletchings are hitting your equipment, you’ll get poor arrow flight and loose fletchings. Improper nock rotation, an improperly tuned bow and bad drop away rest timing will all cause contact. If powder is missing on the low side of the arrow, you need to adjust the nock point.

Does the ODD Fletching go up or down?

With traditional bows it is on the same side as the index fletch and will usually be to the inside for those bows where the index fletch faces up or down. Notice the bump on the arrow nock aligns with the index fletch.

Are drop away arrow rests better?

Additionally, some rests can be easily moved when bumped, diminishing accuracy. A drop away rest is going to be the most consistently accurate rest.

How does a drop down arrow rest work?

There are a couple varieties, but essentially the drop-away rests hold your arrow upright through the draw cycle, and then fall out of the way as the arrow leaves the bow. This means there is nothing to impact its flight.

What does let down mean in archery?

Means to withdraw your arrow slowly from full draw position without releasing the arrow.

Does whisker biscuit slow down arrow?

None at slower speeds At 210 fps I see no difference in speed. Some claim 1 to 3 fps.

What is the best fall away arrow rest?

Full Drop-Away Arrow Rest Reviews: In Depth

  • The TRUGLO DOWN-DRAFT Cable-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest.
  • Quality Archery Designs Ultra Hunter Rest.
  • New Archery Apache Drop Away Rest.
  • Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest.
  • The Quality Archery Products Ultra-Rest Pro Series Arrow Rest with Harmonic Dampener.

What do you call a drop away Arrow?

Drop Away – Drop-away rests have become incredibly popular among both target archers and bowhunters over the past decade. As their name suggests, these rests support the arrow through the draw cycle, then drop out of the way during the shot.

What does the rest do on an arrow?

As their name suggests, these rests support the arrow through the draw cycle, then drop out of the way during the shot. After the rest guides the first few inches of arrow upon string release, there is no more contact between arrow and rest after the rest falls away.

Do you need an arrow rest for a compound bow?

For starters, understand that a compound bow is meant to be shot using an arrow rest. Shooting off the shelf, like traditional recurve and longbow archers often do, really isn’t an option. When choosing an arrow rest for your bow, you should think about what you plan to do with your bow.

Do you need an arrow rest on a recurve?

Screw in Rests If your recurve is drilled for a screw in type rest then this will provide the most secure point of contact for your arrow. This type of rest works similarly to a stick on by providing an arm for the arrow to contact.