Are Toyo AT2 extreme snow rated?

We should point out, however, that the Open Country AT2 is not an extreme weather tire, meaning that while it is Mud+ Snow certified it’s not really designed for 12-month use in cold climates. Then there’s the compound the tire is made of, which is designed to deliver maximum tread life.

How long do Toyo Open Country AT2 last?

Instead, the average seems to be in the 50,000 to 60,000 mile range with moderate off-road use. In fact, owners report roughly half of the tread-life used up at the 30,000-mile mark.

Are Toyo tires good in snow?

engineered for the elements. TOYO OBSERVE® Bring on the winter because these specialty tires are engineered to excel in snow and ice. Our advanced technologies in Toyo Observe® tires provide drivers with improved traction and a comfortable ride in harsh conditions.

Is Toyo better than Hankook?

In general, Toyo tyres give more mileage and is the less noisy ride while Hankook tires, though not as quiet, have consistently shown to have slightly better wet-weather traction.

Which is better Toyo open country at or AT2?

The latest version of Toyo Open Country AT Series is AT II (AT2). Toyo Open Country AT3 is not Available yet! The tires have a longstanding tread life. They allow you to ride with superior ease and comfort. Balance while cornering with the Toyo Open Country AT2 is impressive. These tires work remarkably well on both dry/wet on-road conditions.

Which is the best Toyo open country tire?

If you want powerful all-terrain traction with performance that lasts and lasts, the Toyo Open Country AT II Xtreme is the tire for you. It’s built with an aggressive tread design for powerful grip in mud, dirt, and snow, but it also gives you a surprisingly quiet ride when you’re back on the road.

What makes Toyo a-T II Extreme tires so good?

Tie Bars between Blocks stabilize tread blocks to reduce irregular wear and road noise and improve braking. Aggressive Sidewall and Open tread block design deliver tough looks and even tougher performance in dirt, mud or snow, while maintaining quiet ride. Orders are verified for fitment guarantee*.

Which is better Toyo AT2 or BFG at KO2?

Both tires are made with excellent craftsmanship and top-quality materials. It’s tough to say which is better in terms of the build. However, BFG AT KO2 has larger tread block spacing that translates to more traction off the road. Toyo’s Open Country AT2 has excellent grip off the road. However, BFG AT KO2 has better performance over the former.