Can you still purchase from BrightHouse?

Yes, BrightHouse has officially gone into administration, which means all their stores have closed, and they will stop trading indefinitely. Customers won’t be able to make any new purchases from the retailer, in-store or online.

How long are BrightHouse contracts?

A BrightLoan from Caversham Finance (trading as BrightHouse) is a loan for a fixed amount between £200 and £1,000, repayable over a fixed period of 78 weeks (18 months) with interest charged at a fixed APR of 149%. BrightLoans are sold on a non-advised basis and are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

How do I get in touch with BrightHouse?

If none of the Q&As are helpful in resolving the account access problems, then please contact us using the online contact form. Alternatively call your local store or our Customer relations team on 0800 526 069 to update your details and one of our expert agents will get in touch with you to help resolve the issue.

What happens if BrightHouse goes bust?

It is not currently clear what will happen if BrightHouse goes into liquidation, it is speculated that if BrightHouse disappears the liquidators are unlikely to take back the goods from customers because they will then have to sell these second-hand items on in order to raise money; but this has not been confirmed.

What happens if you dont pay BrightHouse?

If you still owe BrightHouse some money, your refund for unaffordable lending should be used to repay that balance. You are likely to be much better off if you stop paying BrightHouse now, than if you carry on paying for a year and then only get a small percentage of your refund back in the end.

What happens if I dont pay BrightHouse?

Is perfect homes going into liquidation?

RENT-to-own firm PerfectHome is to close all but one of its remaining stores putting 50 jobs at risk. The hire purchase company has 18 stores in the UK, mainly in the Midlands and in the north of England, and it will be closing down 17 of them.

What happens if u dont pay BrightHouse?

Can I get money back from BrightHouse?

Brighthouse Refund Typically a refund will include any interest paid with an extra 8% refund on top as compensation.

Who owns Brighthouse?

Charter Communications
Advance Publications
Bright House Networks/Parent organizations

How many Brighthouse stores are there in the UK?

To support the online catalogue, Brighthouse also has 300 stores across the UK serving over 270,000 customers. Brighthouse Offer? The Brighthouse catalogue offers the opportunity to purchase quality household products with an affordable installment plan. The Brighthouse Catalogue?

Do you have to pay for a Brighthouse catalogue?

Brighthouse is an online catalogue to back up their High Street stores. Catalogue Credit or rent till you own is expected with payments made weekly or monthly to suit the customer and can be made in cash at the store or by online methods.

Where can I buy refreshed Brighthouse products?

As with all our products, refreshed products are also available on our hire purchase agreements. Our payment plans for refreshed products allow you to choose from pay weekly or pay monthly options over a fewer number of payment weeks than for a new product, making them a great value alternative to buying brand new.

What is the interest rate on Brighthouse credit?

Brighthouse is a credit only catalogue with a whacking interest rate of 69.9% variable APR, with little benefit for early repayment. You can apply for credit online and receive an instant decision or you can take out credit in person at a local store. Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit income patterns.