Does Selfridges have a roof garden?

Tucked on the terrace of Alto by San Carlo (the rooftop restaurant at Selfridges), Piper-Heidsieck have taken 2019’s theme of all things green and wrapped it around the space, transforming it in to a ‘garden paraside’ of sofas, huts and leafy lush.

Does Selfridges have a restaurant?

London’s ultimate destination restaurant and bar, Brasserie of Light, is now open at Selfridges, welcoming visitors to a remarkable space set in our new Duke Street facade at Selfridges London.

What floor is Alto in Selfridges?

Location: Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street – entrance is via the express lift on the ground floor, amongst the Fragrance section. Nearest station is Bond Street. See it on Google Maps. Opening hours: seven days a week, 12pm-10pm.

How long is Dior at Alto on for?

In fact, Dior at Alto is an Instagrammer’s paradise, and the closest most of us will be getting to that warm Amalfi breeze for a while – no wonder it’s already fully booked until the end of July. The Dioriviera pop-up will be open from June 3 to July 31; the Dior at Altorestaurant from June 3 to September 30 2021.

Is there a dress code for Selfridges?

6 answers. No dress code as such, but smart casual, or smart (lounge suit, cocktail dress) would go equally well. It’s a stylish place, so you would probably feel uncomfortable in cut-off jeans! over a year ago.

How many Selfridges are in London?


Trade name Selfridges
Founded 1908
Founder Harry Gordon Selfridge
Headquarters 400 Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom
Number of locations Four: Oxford Street, London Trafford Centre, Trafford, Manchester Exchange Sq., Manchester Bullring, Birmingham

Is there a dress code to get into Harrods?

Harrods doesn’t have a dress code but I do know that most posh shops would not allow a man in without a shirt or t shirt ! “Proper attire, including tops and shirts, must be worn at all times. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone wearing attire that we consider inappropriate.

Can you wear flip flops in Harrods?

It’s why, in 2017, they enforce a dress code on their customers; anyone in ripped jeans, high cut Bermuda or beach shorts, swimwear, athletic singlets, cycling shorts, flip-flops, thong sandals and dirty or “unkempt” clothing, technically, shouldn’t be allowed in to browse Harrods’ selection of bespoke Christmas tree …

Can you wear trainers in Harrods?

Yes you can we were wearing trainers as we too did a lot of walking. Just be mindful if your carrying rucksacks as you have to carry them to the front, as we found out. But apart from that you will be fine and enjoy Harrods.

Is Harrods older than Selfridges?

It was founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1908. The flagship store on London’s Oxford Street is the second largest shop in the UK (after Harrods) and opened on 15 March 1909.

Is there a rooftop restaurant in Selfridges London?

A couple of years ago it was a great burger / fish & chips place, and right now (2020) it is an italian restaurant called Alto by San Carlo. Set up as a lovely Italian garden, the rooftop restaurant offers a day-to-night menu of seasonal Italian dishes, from the finest seafood and pasta to grilled specialties.

When does Alto at Selfridges reopen in London?

Alto offers rooftop vibes and fine dining, high above Oxford Street. After an enforced closure due to the coronavirus outbreak, Selfridges are all set to reopen their rooftop restaurant Alto on April 12. Boasting a summery look and a rustic Italian menu from long-term residents San Carlo, this place is a must for your sky-high hangouts.

Are there seats under the roof at Selfridges?

If the weather should disappoint there are seats under the roof aswell. Sophisticated yet vibrant, the atmosphere up here is usually on top. And it’s quite popular place for a break in the shopping, so if possible, reservations are recommended.

Where is the fount in Selfridges in London?

Situated in the heart of our luxurious Accessories Hall, The Fount is a 14-seater concept bar serving artful cocktails and delicious Champagnes and wines. Find this floor-to-ceiling installation in the heart of our beautiful Beauty Workshop on G and sample its exclusive menu of Moët & Chandon Champagne and curated cocktails.