How difficult is Tour du Mont Blanc?

How hard is the Tour du Mont Blanc? It’s worth doing some practice hikes beforehand to make sure you’re prepared. The Tour du Mont Blanc is 170 km long with approximately 10,000 metres of ascent and descent along the way. This may seem like a daunting amount of trekking, but remember it’s spread over several days.

How long does the Tour du Mont Blanc hike take?

Hikers typically take between 8 and 11 days to complete the Tour du Mont Blanc. Anything quicker requires long days, Olympic speed walking and/or part trail running, anything longer is an indication that the hiker has multiple memory sticks full of photos and a mindfulness that others envy.

Can you do Mont Blanc on your own?

Price: If you are an experienced climber you can attempt Mont Blanc by yourself, but if you are in it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then the chances are you’ll need a guide. For a start a lack of fitness could make things dangerous, high up on the mountain and it will also ruin your experience.

Is the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided?

Experience one of the world’s most spectacular classic treks and join Mont Blanc Treks this summer, with our great range of professionally guided and self-guided trekking holidays. The Tour du Mont Blanc features in the World’s top ten ‘must do’ treks and it’s not hard to understand why as this trek is outstanding with amazing views day after day.

What’s the name of the trek around Mont Blanc?

The Tour of Mont Blanc. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a spectacular trek that unwinds around the Mont Blanc massif and that crosses the Italian, Swiss and French territories.

How many miles is the Massif du Mont Blanc?

The whole Massif Du Mont Blanc extends for about 25 miles and has 11 summits. The TMB will give you spectacular views of them from every angle. There are many ways to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc —you can make it shorter, faster, luxurious or rugged. But for the sake of brevity, this guide will focus on the classic 105-mile section and will cover:

Is the UTMB wall Mont Blanc open for volunteers?

Following the latest announcement from the French government, we are delighted to confirm that all races Registration for volunteers is now open. Join our big and beautiful family! Relive the 2018 edition! 180 000 photos taken by the Flash-sport team throughout your race are now online and classified individually….