How do I calculate spoke length?

If not: to measure rim offset, lay the rim on a flat surface and measure the width of the rim. Divide this number in half. Next, measure from the center of the spoke holes to the bench. Subtract this from the center point of the rim.

How many mm are BMX spokes?

Also, the calculator goes off the information supplied, so we cannot 100% guarantee that is correct if a brand has changed the design or we have been given incorrect specs….Hub.

Drive Flange Diameter 46.5 mm
Non-Drive Flange Offset 28.5 mm
Spoke Hole Diameter 2.8 mm

How close should spoke lengths be?

For most folks, too long or two short really doesn’t matter as long as it’s within about 2 mm, so just round to whichever stock size is closest to ideal. If you go beyond the 2 mm, it is better to be a little short than long.

What size spoke nipples do I need?

Length: Spoke nipples are usually 12, 14 or 16mm in length. If using aluminum nipples, the spokes should be long enough to engage the full length of spoke nipple threads so that the load is carried from spoke to the top of the nipple.

What size are BMX nipples?

Alloy nipples are great for smoother riders or BMX racers. Our nipples are made to work with 14g spokes and are 5/8″ in length.

Are my spokes too long?

Spokes too long is non a issue unless they bottom out in the nipple. Since you own them, try the build. 1-2 extra will usually get by just fine if you measured to the nipple slot.

Do spokes stretch?

No, the spokes do not stretch over time. They can lose tension over time though. They will lose tension when the nipples compress the rim more, when they shift in the rim to straighten out and when the spokes bed into the hub more.

What is the advantage of straight pull spokes?

Another theoretical benefit of straight pull spokes is that they eliminate any inherent weakness that can be found at the bend in the spoke. After all both spokes start off the same, with the J bend going through the additional manufacturing process of stamping a 90 degree angle into it, hence creating the J.

Where can I find spoke length calculator online?

Nor shall the distribution of this information constitute any warranty. It is your responsibility to confirm the length accuracy of your spoke order. The calculations themselves are based on the post at .

Is the spoke calculator on Pro wheel builder accurate?

It is provided on an “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS” basis only. Pro Wheel Builder has made a reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of data used in the component database.

How to calculate spoke length on Fat Bike?

Fat Bike, offset and some carbon rims require corrections prior to calculating the spoke length. See the Spoke Length Calculation Help page for specifics. Spoke Calculator does not calculate length for straight pull spokes.

How long does it take to get response from QBP spoke calculator?

For assistance with other calculations or custom wheel questions, email [email protected] . You will receive a response within 1 business day.