How do I get RKC certified?

RKC Instructor Certification Requirements

  1. Pass the Hardstyle Pushup test.
  2. Pass the Snatch test that will be administered at the end of the second day and/or the last day of the certification.
  3. Demonstrate a mastery of the techniques that make up the foundation of kettlebell training.

What is RKC certification?

Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells, Youth Development. Much has been written about the RKC Level 1 Certification and the infamous snatch test. It requires 100 kettlebell snatches in five minutes with a 24kg kettlebell, if you are a male over 165lb.

What is the best kettlebell certification?

Dragondoor RKC, a kettlebell certification started by Pavel Tsatsouline (the kettlebell pioneer), is the most credible, focuses on the fundamentals, and is a 3-day training program.

What is the main reason kettlebells have become so popular?

Conclusion as to Why Kettlebells are so Effective Kettlebells are relatively inexpensive, small enough to be portable, and easy to store away. They are terrific for overall fat loss, improving lean body mass, and helping teach proper use of the hips (important for speed and power sports).

How do you become strong first certified?

SFG I Kettlebell Certification Requirements

  1. Swing (10 repetitions each side)
  2. Double Clean (5 repetitions)
  3. Press (5 repetitions each side)
  4. Double Front Squat (5 repetitions)
  5. Snatch (5 repetitions each side)
  6. Get-up (1 repetition each side)

How much is a kettlebell certification?

Learning is important to you, choose a method of payment that fits you best! Full price for 2 Day Certification is normally $899.99, save with early sign up options and flexible attendance plans!

How do I prepare for a snatch test?

My target plan for testing day is to do five sets of 20 repetitions each, with 15 to 20 seconds rest between each set. Doing this, you should finish the snatch test at around four minutes forty or forty-five seconds—so with 15 seconds to spare which is more than enough time to park the bell safely on the deck.

Why did Dan leave Strongfirst?

From what he said he was losing money to teach as a Master SFG with Strong First. He is a guy that does not like to waste his time or money and he had an opportunity to go back to the RKC so he did.

What is kettlebell Ampd?

Kettlebell AMPD is a group fitness format that takes heart-pumping music and kettlebell moves and combines them into 60 minutes of calorie torching fun! The program uses lightweight kettlebells, in both traditional and non-traditional ways, to create a fun, effective full body workout.

Why are kettlebells better than dumbbells?

Kettlebells provide a better cardio workout because of the extra movement involved in the standard exercises. The swinging action of kettlebells creates a fluid movement, which may be easier on the body. Bonus: A kettlebell swing can activate the entire posterior chain of muscles in a way that dumbbells can’t.

How do you do a simple sinister?

Simple and Sinister Swings

  1. Hike the bell back towards you and swing it between your legs.
  2. Drive with your hips to swing the kettlebell up.
  3. Arms stay straight and loose, with a firm hand grip.
  4. The swing should only go as high as your shoulders.
  5. Breathe out forcefully on the swing up.
  6. Breathe in on the way down.

What do you need to know about RKC certification?

The RKC is more than just a three-day certification. It is a principle-based physical training system, but it also operates by a second set of principles, those of professionalism. Once certified, you are joining the ranks of top professionals in the fitness industry, and as such you are required to follow the RKC Code of Conduct.

What is the failure rate for RKC certification?

The current failure rate at RKC certifications can be as high 30% of all who attend. It is necessary to be in good physical condition to make it through this 3-day course. Passing the course requires that the following requirements are met: Should you fail to make the requirements, you may arrange to be re-tested.

Is the RKC kettlebell a good fitness tool?

When you are forced to stay at home and have limited space — but still want to have a powerful, satisfying workout — then nothing beats the RKC kettlebell as a bang-for-your-buck fitness tool. Re-sculpt your physique — to look and feel better than ever, however much you have to stay indoors!

Is there a way to re-test for RKC?

There are two ways to re-test. First is to send a video to your Team Leader. Second is to communicate with your Team Leader to arrange to be tested in person by him/her or an RKC Master or Senior Instructor. You also have the option to retake the course within one year, for which the fee to attend is $500.