How do I install Merlin wizard on Kodi?

How to Install Merlin Wizard

  1. Visit the Merlin repository download page in your web browser.
  2. Download the zip file named repository.
  3. Open Kodi and select Add-ons from the navigation bar.
  4. Click the box icon, then select Install from Zip File.
  5. Navigate to where you saved the repository.

How do I install Wookie wizard on Kodi?


  1. Go to the main Kodi menu and click on Add-ons.
  2. Select Add-on Package Installer Icon from the top-left side.
  3. Click on Install from zip file.
  4. Select Wookie.
  5. Do as the Wookie says: “Click me- succumb To the Wookie. zip”, then wait for the Wookie Enabled popup.

How do I install Merlin add on to Kodi?

Open Kodi > Select Add-ons on the left-side menu > Click on Box-shaped icon on top-left corner. Select an option Install from Repository > Then find and click on Add-on Repository. Choose Program Add-ons > Then click on Backup from the long list of add-ons > Install. Open Backup Kodi addon > Click on Backup. 3. Merlin Wizard

What do you need to know about Merlin wizard?

Merlin Wizard is an app that allows you to install repositories and addons to Kodi easily by using a single inteface. What makes Merlin Wizard even more amazing is its toolbar function, which allows you to manually perform maintenance task as and when you please.

How does Merlin auto cleaner work on Kodi?

Once Merlin Auto Cleaner is installed, every time you launch your Kodi app, this addon will automatically clean your cache and purge any existing packages you have stored on your Kodi box.

What can I do with the open Wizard Kodi addon?

This addon provides several maintenance tools, e.g. for cleaning the Kodi cache, deleting thumbnails, old logs, packages and more. Also there is a backup and restore function as well as a log uploader. You are also able to edit your advancedsettings.xml file within the Open Wizard Kodi addon.