How do I transfer my Hay Day farm to another device?

Hay Day

  1. Connect Hay Day to Facebook through the game settings and make sure it was successful.
  2. Launch Hay Day on the new device.
  3. Connect Hay Day to the same Facebook account as you used in step 1.
  4. Hay Day will ask if you want to continue your farm connected to Facebook, and select “Yes”

How do I update my Hay Day game?

On Android go to Settings -> Apps -> tap on Hay Day and make sure it is 1.18. 174. If it isn’t please open up Google Play Store and install the latest version. On iOS go to Settings -> General – Usage -> tap on Hay Day and make sure it is 1.18.

Can I have 2 farms on Hayday?

We recommend that you play only one farm per device, and that you attach your farm to your own Game Center (iOS only), Google+ (Android only) or Facebook account. If you load multiple farms on a single device, you may lose access to one or all of the accounts.

Can you have hay day on 2 devices?

Can you play HAYDAY from 2 diffrent devices? (For example on your phone out and on a ipdad at home? Yes you could.

Can I have more than one farm on Hay Day?

What happens when you ask for help in Hay Day?

If there is an order that you cannot complete, you can ask for help. Your friends can see your call for help and use their items to complete your order. Then, you send them a thank-you letter and they get the rewards.

What can you do in Hay Day App?

Welcome to Hay Day. Build a farm, fish, raise animals, and explore the Valley. Farm, decorate, and customize your own slice of country paradise. Farming has never been easier or more fun! Crops like wheat and corn are ready to be grown and even though it never rains, they will never die.

How often does rock valley hay auction sell hay?

PLEASE CHECK OUT THE “HAY FOR SALE” TAB AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. Rock Valley Hay Auction has been selling hay and straw for over 70 years. We sell on average 4500 loads annually.

How do you get free diamonds in Hay Day?

Free diamonds are sometimes provided when you level up. Link your game to your Facebook account for free diamonds, and follow Hay Day for another free diamond. Tap the movie ticket when you find it, and watch trailers to get rewards that can include diamonds. Open random mystery boxes when you find them, as they can contain diamonds.

Are there any cheat codes for hay day?

The fact is that there are no legitimate sources of Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds, or anything of the kind. Many of these services ask you to download a program, fill out a survey, or provide your Hay Day log in information, and promise free diamonds in return.