How do you add color to text in HTML on Tumblr?

Enter some text, then tap the text until select options are revealed. Now select part of the text or select all of the text. Seven color options appear. Tap a color to change the text color.

How do you change the color of text on a Tumblr post?

Unwrapping Tumblr

  1. Create a post in the Web Dashboard. If using a desktop browser, click the post’s gear icon in the upper right.
  2. Change the Text editor to HTML.
  3. Apply HTML tags to your text as follows.
  4. Publish (or save draft) to see the text colors on your post via the Dashboard.

How do you make a color gradient on Tumblr text?

  1. Go to the post with the text you want in the gradient.
  2. Click on the settings wheel in the upper right corner.
  3. Open up the dropdown menu by “Text Editor”
  4. Select “HTML”

How do you type in different fonts on Tumblr?

To use Tumblr’s new fonts, create a text post.

  1. Click the gear icon.
  2. Change the Text editor to HTML.
  3. Use HTML paragraph tags around your text as follows. (The Preview won’t show the fonts at this time.)
  4. Publish (or save draft) to see the fonts on your post via the Dashboard.

What is font color in HTML?

The HTML color Attribute is used to specify the text color inside the element. Attribute Values: color_name: It sets the text color by using color name. For example: “red”.

How do you change the font on Tumblr HTML?

Fortunately, you can use Tumblr’s HTML editor, located on the Customize page, to change the font found in the body of your blog.

  1. Go to the Tumblr Customize page and log in to your Tumblr account (see link in Resources).
  2. Click on the “Edit HTML” button.

What fonts does tumblr use?

The Fonts of Tumblr:

  • Blog appearance offers 33 different fonts for your blog title, including Helvetica Neue, the font of the Dashboard.
  • Fonts marked with asterisks (Courier, Daniel, and Helvetica Neue/Lucida Grande) are were the type choices for Fan Mail.
  • Courier is also the font for chat posts on the Dashboard.

How do you change the font on Tumblr mobile?

If you want to change the font for the body text in your blog, click the drop-down menu next to “Body Font”. Select a font. A list of fonts appears in the drop-down menu. Each has a preview of what the font looks like.

How to change the color of a post on Tumblr?

Now ignore all the code on the left and upper right of the screen. We’re just focusing on the white part. So you just type your text into the first box. Then click on the two colors to change them. Then… & click on the gear icon. change the post type to html.

Do you know the HTML color code for Tumblr?

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How to use coloured text on a HTML post?

copy the tag for the colour you want, paste it into your HTML editor, and add your text in between the angle brackets where it says “this is (text colour)” since this is HTML, you might want to write your post first and then change the text editor to HTML. otherwise, you will have to format your post in HTML, like this:

How to make your text appear on Tumblr?

For the times you want your text to appear that it has a line through it, like you changed your mind about saying it use this code: Your Text Message Subscript text, like you would use for a footnote: Your Text Message The following are HTML codes to format your text on your Tumblr page to make it just how you want it.