How do you name compounds with substituents?

In summary, the name of the compound is written out with the substituents in alphabetical order followed by the base name (derived from the number of carbons in the parent chain). Commas are used between numbers and dashes are used between letters and numbers. There are no spaces in the name.

How are bicyclo compounds named?

Bicyclic molecules are described by IUPAC nomenclature. This molecule has two paths of 2 carbon atoms and a third path of 1 carbon atom between the two bridgehead carbons, so the brackets are filled in descending order: [2.2. 1]. Addition of the prefix bicyclo gives the total name bicyclo[2.2.

How do you identify spiro compounds?

Spiro compounds are named with the infix spiro followed by square brackets containing the number of atoms in the smaller ring, then the number of atoms in the larger ring, separated by a period, in each case excluding the spiroatom (the atom by which the two rings are bonded) itself.

What are the rules for naming compounds?

Naming compounds

  • Rule one. The element that is furthest left in the periodic table comes first, eg Sodium Chloride/Carbon dioxide.
  • Rule two. If there are only two elements in the compound then the compounds name ends in –ide, eg A compound of copper and sulfur is called copper sulfide.
  • Rule three.

What is bicyclo and spiro?

There are actually two other modes of ring junction. In “bridged bicyclic” molecules, the two bridgeheads are separated by “bridges” containing at least one carbon. In “spiro” fused molecules, the two rings are both joined at the same carbon.

What is spiro compounds give an example?

A spiro compound, or spirane, from the Latin spīra, meaning a twist or coil, is a chemical compound, typically an organic compound, that presents a twisted structure of two or more rings (a ring system), in which 2 or 3 rings are linked together by one common atom, examples of which are shown at right.

What is a compound with 3 elements called?

Jul 15, 2014. Here is a video which summarizes how to name ternary (3+ elements) ionic compounds.

How to name a bicyclic compound by name?

Naming Fused Bicyclic Compounds Practice NAMING SPIRO BICYCLIC COMPOUNDS 1 Name the substituents before the parent 2 Start the name of the parent chain with 3 List the number of carbon atoms in each 4 End the name of the parent chain with th

How many carbons are in a bicyclic compound?

However, when naming bicyclic compounds, you must start at the bridgehead and move toward the largest ring. In this case the ring with 3 carbons and not 2 (or 1 for that matter).

How to name a bicyclic alkane in 3.9?

3.9 Naming Spiro and Bicyclic Alkanes 1 Count the total number of carbons across the entire molecule. This tells you the alkane parent name that goes at the end. 2 Count the number of carbons to the left, and to the right, and above your bridgehead carbons. 3 Write your final IUPAC name as bicyclo [a.b.c]parent name.

Why are bicyclic hydrocarbons named as they are?

The nomenclature of bicyclic hydrocarbons is best illustrated by example: This compound is named as a bicyclooctane because it is a bicyclic compound containing a total of eight carbon atoms. The numbers in brackets represent the number of carbon atoms in the respective bridges, in order of decreasing size.