How long is a 2 person paddle board?

The size of 15′ x 36″ or 456 cm x 91.5 cm offer a very big platform with surely enough room for 2 persons plus luggage and a pet or child. The long and pointy shape ensures you can reach decent speeds on the board, even though it is quite wide.

How long does my SUP need to be?

Guidelines for a beginner paddler / all-around SUP

Paddler Weight SUP Width SUP Length
Under 125 lbs (56kg) 31-32” 9’6″-10’9″
125-150 lbs (56-68 kg) 31-32” 9’6″-10’9″
150-175 lbs (68-79 kg) 31-33” 10’0″-12’6″
175-200 lbs (79 – 90 kg) 32-34” 10’0″-12’6″

Can 2 people go on 1 SUP?

Most of the stand up paddle are designed for one person: whether for reasons of weight distribution on the board, excessive on-board weight that can cause the SUP to age or simply so as not to lose too much when gliding. It is not recommended to practice the paddle with two people on one board.

Will a paddle board fit in my car?

Don’t forget your paddle: If it fits, your paddle can go right inside your vehicle. If it doesn’t, look into a paddle holder that attaches to your roof rack. Put the longest SUP on first: If you’re going to put more than one SUP on your roof, you’ll orient them the same way and stack them on top of each other.

Can you take a paddle board on a plane?

Yes, you can definitely check your inflatable paddle board on a plane! It’s a bit too big to bring on as a carry on, but you will be able to transport it as a checked bag in a large duffel or the iSUP inflatable backpack we sell. You can keep it in the trunk of your car for road trips or easily check it on a plane.

Are two bare feet paddle boards any good?

Suitable for beginners to intermediates, these boards are incredibly versatile and high performing for a range of SUP disciplines. This is a 10’10 all-rounder so if you’ve ever been on a sup board before you’ll know what to expect: a big, wide platform with oodles of stability and plenty of space to put kids and dogs.

How much weight can a paddle board hold?

Paddle boards can hold an average of 200 to 300 pounds. But boards that hold 500 pounds or more are widely available. Paddle boards are weight-rated by individual manufacturers in pounds or by volume. SUPs themselves can weigh from 15 to 40 lbs, which factors into how much weight they can hold.

Can a used paddle board last as long as a new one?

This way you can be sure that you have an amazing board to go on the water with. If you do it right, a used paddle board doesn’t have to be any less than a new paddle board. I strongly believe a used paddle board from a high end brand will in most cases last way longer then a really cheap brand new inflatable board.

Is it cheap to buy a SUP board?

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, getting started with a sup board is easy but it is not cheap! If you’re looking for cheap paddle boards, at SHB you can grab yourself a true deal by buying a used stand up paddleboard for a fraction of the new retail cost.

Where does fat stick SUP paddle board come from?

Welcome To Your Eco Conscious, UK Watersports Brand. Fatstick SUP is a home grown stand up paddle board brand based in Dorset on the UK’s south coast. We provide cost effective equipment for all areas of stand up paddling – paddles, boards, accessories and packages.

Which is the best stand up paddle board?

We provide cost effective equipment for all areas of stand up paddling – paddles, boards, accessories and packages. With competitive prices on our SUPs, as well as a level of quality that is unbeatable, we’re your best choice for premium boards, and incredible accessories.