How much do Georgia Tech graduates make?

79,100 USD (2018)
Georgia Institute of Technology/Average salary after attending undergrad

How much does a Georgia Tech Professor make?

How does the salary as a Professor at Georgia Tech compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for a Professor is $112,310 per year in United States, which is 38% lower than the average Georgia Tech salary of $183,566 per year for this job.

How much does the dean of Georgia Tech make?

Highest Paid Employees

# Name Pay
1 Terrence RoofCoach $871,644.02
2 George PetersonPresident $851,473.70
3 Rafael BrasProvost $610,543.96
4 Maryam AlaviDean $581,509

How many Georgia Tech graduates are millionaires?

Only 1 in 6 Tech alums millionaires?

How much do Harvard professors make?

How much does a Professor make at Harvard University in the United States? Average Harvard University Professor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $201,570, which is 194% above the national average.

What is the salary of an MIT professor?

The average salary of full professors at MIT this year is $93,100, the eighth highest in the nation among doctorate-granting institutions.

Is Georgia Tech better than Caltech?

MIT and Georgia Tech are better known for their engineering programs whereas Caltech is better known for its pure science programs. Case in point, Caltech only has about four engineering majors to choose from where MIT has over 18! Caltech also focuses solely on its strengths: math and hard sciences.

What is the salary of an MIT Professor?

What’s the average salary for a Georgia Tech graduate?

After ten years, graduates earn $82,600 on average. In terms of specific areas of study, the following is a ranking of degree programs by the median first-year starting salaries for Georgia Tech graduates.

What is the compensation program at Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech seeks to provide employees with a competitive and equitable level of compensation reflective of their contributions to the Institute’s mission over time. Our compensation program is designed to attract, retain, and motivate employees by providing total compensation practices that:

What kind of market is Georgia Tech in?

Georgia Tech’s market: The Institute uses general industry and higher education markets to determine competitive salaries. Some positions use higher education data, some use general industry, and many use a combination of the two. GTHR, in consultation with Institute leadership, defines our peer group.