How much does a Butet saddle cost?

Price starts at $5550 for calf/grained leather, $5950 for calf/grained leather with integrated panels, and goes up to $6200 for premium leather. This Model offers both horse and rider the ultimate in comfort and freedom of movement. Cross country saddle is handcrafted in the Butet workshop in Saumur, France.

Where are Butet saddles made?

High-end custom made saddles, Made in France – Saumur – Butet.

What is a Butet practice saddle?

The BUTET Practice is the ultimate educational tool for teaching riders of every level correct position and correct balance in the saddle. With its ergonomic shape and its technical characteristics, the BUTET Practice saddle immediately allows the rider to intuitively find the “right” riding position.

How are Butet saddles made?

As with all Butet saddles, the materials used are second to none. The doubled calfskin used on the top flap and seat is soft and supple, whilst the cow hide used for the rest of the saddle is hardwearing and durable. The latex injected panels heat up with the horse’s body heat and mould to the shape of the horse.

Are Butet saddles good?

They are fabulous saddles and I have seen them looking good on all types (but all are fit and not fat). They are super to ride in and well made.

Are Butet saddles comfortable?

Butet saddles are uniquely handcrafted in Sumar, France. The premium leather is chosen of the highest quality increasing comfort and best contact. Saddles can be fully customized for both the rider and horse. This saddle is designed for a steadier balance point and giving great stability to the leg.

What is the point of a practice saddle?

The Practice saddle is a great tool for teaching riders of every level how to hold the correct position, the correct balance and will help build the strength they need to maintain it.

Are Butet saddles wool flocked?

Custom ordered wool flocked panels from Butet in France. The wool flocked panel allows for easy alteration to suit different horses. Arguably the most renowned jumping saddle in the world. Entirely hand made in France.