How much does a Del-Ton AR 15 cost?

5.56 AR Rifles

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Echo 316L Optic Ready MSRP $673.10 Sierra 316L Optics Ready – MLOK MSRP $675.00
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DT Sport – Mod 2 MSRP $698.00 SXT Dark Earth MSRP $750.00

Is Del-Ton AR 15?

And, now, Del-Ton is proud to offer a complete line of AR-15 style modern sporting rifles, both off-the-shelf and ready to shoot, or designed by you the customer. Our company is built on its responsiveness to customers and 100% customer satisfaction remains our goal.

Is Del-Ton mil spec?

A3 Flat Top w/ White T-Marks. Hard Coat Anodized. Bore’s Surface is coated with dry film lube, over anodized surface. Mil-Spec.

Where are Del-Ton rifles made?

the U.S.A.
Based in Elizabethtown, N.C., all rifles and components for Del-Ton products are made in the U.S.A. and Del-Ton rifles carry a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Visit for detailed product information.

What is a DTI AR 15?

The Delton DTI-15 rifle has a 16″ mid contour barrel with 1×8 twist, Mil-Spec M4 stock, CAR handguards with single heat shields, A2 flash hider, and a dual aperture rear sight. The rifle also comes with 1 x 30rd magazine.

What is an AM 15 rifle?

The AM-15 Optic Ready, 5.56 16″ – M4 is our Entry Level Rifle. The Optic Ready Rifle is a high quality rifle for a low cost. Just add an optic of your choice and you are ready to take on range day!

Who makes the Delton AR 15?

My first impression of the 20” DTI Government Profile Rifle was that it took the more traditional approach and looks more like an original pre-ban Colt AR-15….Del-Ton AR 15.

Model: Alpha 320G Caliber: 5.56 NATO Capacity: 30 Rounds
Barrel: 20” Length, 1:9 Twist Overall Length: 39.5” Weight: 7.4 lbs. (Unloaded)

Is a dust cover necessary for an AR 15?

A dust cover for the ejection port can keep the dust out of the gun. This is dangerous and can cause the gun to jam up, stop working right or even backfire. You only need to use the cover when you are finished using the rifle in question.

How good are Delton AR 15?

Del-Ton makes good rifles, even though some shooters are so class-based they won’t acknowledge any rifle not made by the “best” or “mil-spec” companies. Their loss, says Patrick Sweeney in this AR-15 review. Combining with Tapco, Del-Ton offers a nicely-spec’d rifle that is a good starting point.

What is the difference between a AR-15 and a am 15?

Colt followed suit, and named their weapon the “M-15.” But, in all reality, it was just the same AR-15 with a different label carved in the aluminum. So, the short of it is this: An M-15 IS an AR-15. In fact, it’s the version most closely designed after the original namesake.

How good are Delton AR-15?

What’s the length of a Del Ton 5.56?

The mil-spec receiver extension tube houses an H-buffer and accommodates an adjustable M4-type buttstock. With the polymer buttstock fully extended, the rifle’s overall length is 35.58 inches; collapsed, it’s 32.25 inches. The complete package tips the scales at 6.4 pounds unloaded.

What kind of buttstock does DT sport carbine use?

The DT Sport is built using the same high quality forged hard-coated upper and lower receivers, but instead of the more-expensive Troy furniture, it uses a standard M-4 style buttstock and standard carbine (CAR) style hand guards.

What kind of rifle is Desert Tech MDRX 5.56?

Desert Tech’s all new MDRX Rifle is loaded with many new upgrades, but the over all cost of the weapon to the consumer went down. Desert Tech’s MDRX 5.56 is a true fully ambidextrous rifle, It gives the operator the ability to go from a right hand or left hand configuration in a matter of seconds.

What kind of sight does DTI extreme duty carbine use?

The upper receiver’s anodized surface is coated with a dry film lube to raise its lubricity. Supplied with the DTI Extreme Duty carbine is a Samson folding rear sight with 200- and 600-meter apertures. The lower receiver is also forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and hardcoat anodized.