How much does it cost to hire dragon dancers?

Standard rates for dragon dances The standard rate for dragon dances is between $388 to $688. However, there is usually a package combining two lions and a dragon; this is typically around $1,388 to $1,588.

Where is the Chinese dragon dance performed?

The dance is performed during Chinese festive celebrations such as Lunar New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as other special occasions. The dragon dance originated in China but has since spread to countries like Singapore.

What is the dragon in the dragon dance made of?

The dragon dance costume used for a dragon dance is made of materials like grass, bamboo, paper, and cloth. Odd numbers of the dragon’s joints are regarded as auspicious, so people often make a 9-jointed dragon, an 11-jointed dragon, a 13-jointed dragon, or even a 29-jointed dragon.

How much does it cost to hire lion dancers?

On average, I would say about $600. This would cover the percussionists and two lions, normally. I have seen some troupes go up to $800, but generally speaking, they are better trained, and their lions are kept in good condition.

How does the dragon dance in China work?

During the Dance, a dozen or so performers hold the dragon up on poles. They raise and lower the Dragon making him “dance” as they wind through the masses to the sounds of horns, drums and gongs, stopping here and there to put on a fantastic performance for the crowds…

Is the dragon dance the same as the lion dance?

During Chinese New Year, sometimes it is a red or yellow globe, which is supposed to be the sun as the festival celebrates the spring rains and the sun for a good harvest. The Dragon Dance should not be confused with the Lion Dance. To learn about the Chinese Lion Dance click here . Are Chinese Dragons Evil?

What do they do at the Chinese Dragon Parade?

The Chinese Dragon Parade is customarily performed along with Lion Dancers, acrobats, kung fu performers, and of course, the drums and horns, all ending in a burst of firecrackers!

How big is the longest dragon in China?

Dragons vary in length, some reaching up to 100 meters long! It is believed that the longer the Dragon is, the more luck it will bring! Sometimes the Dragon follows a man carrying a ball on a stick. This is the “Pearl of Wisdom”. It is said that the Dragon chasing this “pearl of wisdom” represents the Dragon’s way to pursue insight and knowledge.