How much HP does a supercharger add to a Toyota 86?

That’s not too bad, but if you add a supercharged, then you can expect power levels to increase about a 90 to 110 horsepower (to the wheels) upgrade over the stock setup.

How much does it cost to supercharge a GT86?

It costs £4452 as an upgrade from Stage 1.5, but you can have the whole lot done in one go for £5441. The result is an estimated 5.5sec 0-60 time – putting it in the same ballpark as a Lotus Evora, Nissan 370Z and Porsche Cayman – as does its 155mph top speed.

How much HP does a supercharger add to a BRZ?

The Edelbrock Stage 1 Street Supercharger System part #1556 for 2012-19 Scion FR-S, BRZ, or Toyota GT86 increases the performance of your 2.0L engine to 242 horsepower and 186 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels.

Can you make 86 faster?

Pulleys. The next most common 86 modification is probably the lightweight pulley. While it doesn’t actually add peak horsepower, pulleys will make your car faster by reducing rotating weight and parasitic drag and allowing the engine to rev more quickly.

How fast is Turbo 86?

The Toyota 86 is capable of a top-speed of 226km/h for the manual, or 210km/h for the auto.

Can you turbo 86?

Not only will the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ survive, they’ll thrive thanks to a (turbocharged) boost to their outputs. Yes, that means an engine used to power a Toyota Kluger rival will now be under the bonnet of a small coupe. The current naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre boxer engine has 152kW and 212Nm.

Are there any parts for a FT86 performance car?

We carry parts and accessories for all FT86 performance cars that can get your awesome 86 churning out more power, cornering on a dime, and turning heads wherever you go! You’ll see a good number of our products on this site make their way onto our widebody FR-S, red FR-S, or black BRZ.

What kind of transmission does the Toyota 86 have?

The 86, BRZ and FR-S are offered with two 6-speed transmissions: an in-house developed Toyota TL70 manual gearbox (based on Aisin AI’s AZ6) and an Aisin-Warner A960E automatic transmission, which is modified from that used on the Lexus IS 250.

What was the development code for the Toyota 86?

The development code of the 2+2 was 086A and the eight six (Hachi-Roku in Japanese), references the historic Toyota 2000 GT, 1983 to 1987 AE 86 and Sports 800. Initial layout and design elements for the 86 were presented by Toyota using its “FT” (Future Toyota) concept car nomenclature.

Where does the boxer engine sit in a Toyota 86?

The boxer engine sits as far back and as low as possible in the engine bay for a weight distribution of 53% in front and 47% in the rear.