How old are my Klein pliers?

Older Klein tools can be identified by the markings “M. Klein & Sons” on the inside of the handles, or by the “Climbing Lineman” trademark stamped on the face. The earlier of the lineman logos (from a 1912 trademark) was used beginning in 1911.

How old are Knipex pliers?

The Knipex tools brand started in 1942 where two apprentices started a small forge for pliers in Cronenberg, Germany.

What’s better Klein or Knipex?

The Knipex has a sharp cutting edge, but more impressive is the much-longer nose, machining of the teeth, and the width in which the jaws open. The Klein brand is limited in all of these aspects. However the Knipex feels like a more precision-quality tool.

When did Knipex?

1882, Wuppertal, Germany

Did Klein Tools get bought out?

The world has come a long way since 1857. Klein has become a multi-million dollar manufacturer… yet a company still concerned about meeting professional needs – and making products to professional-quality standards. Klein Tools is still owned and managed by the Klein family.

What was the first Klein Tool?

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Klein Tools/Place founded

History. Klein Tools was founded in 1857 in Chicago, Illinois by German immigrant Mathias Klein. The first tool Klein made was a pair of side-cutting pliers for a telegraph lineman.

Are Knipex and Wera?

Knipex (ˈknɪpɛks) is a German manufacturer of pliers for professional use. The headquarters are located in Wuppertal-Cronenberg. For four generations, Knipex has been an independent, owner-managed family company….Knipex.

Type Privately owned

Is Knipex a good brand?

Knipex pliers are widely recognized by tool users as one of the best brands out there. Knipex Cobra pliers were found to be better than other water pumps in that they were more durable and harder to damage and they were also found to have a stronger grip.

Are all Knipex tools made in Germany?

Brands such as Gedore and Knipex manufacture nearly all of their tools in Germany whereas others like Wera are almost exclusively produced outside of Germany. …

Are Knipex tools made in Germany?

How big is a 6 inch Knipex plier?

The “6-inch” Knipex plies actually measure 150 mm (5.9 inches) long. The jaw width is 6.6 mm (0.260 in.). Jaw opening is adjustible in 11 steps between 0 to a maximum (parallel opening) of 30 mm (1.18 in.). The pliers are made of forged steel and the word “VANDIN” is molded into one of the handles.

What kind of pliers is m.klein and Sons?

Klein 201-8 8 Inch Lineman’s Pliers, with Insets for Reverse and Side Views, 1926. Fig. 1 shows a pair of Klein 201-8 8 inch lineman’s pliers, stamped “M. Klein & Sons” and “Chicago, U.S.A.” around the pivot, with the company’s “Climbing Lineman” logo partially visible in the center.

What is the date code on Klein cutting pliers?

The underside of the handles have a forged-in code “MNR” (not shown), which according to the Klein date code system indicates production in the first quarter of 1969. Fig. 3. Klein 202-5 5 Inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers, with Insets for Side View and Reverse Detail.

Where are the Knipex water pump pliers made?

Made In Wuppertal-Cronenberg, Germany. In Addition To Quality, Innovation And Performance, Other Important Cornerstones Are Sustainable Actions And Value-Guided Orientation. Self locking on pipes and nuts ( view larger ). No more time-consuming test-adjusting to achieve the correct size.