How strong is Benn Beckman onepiece?

It’s confirmed in the databook that Benn Beckman is almost as strong as Shanks. When Benn Beckman pointed a pistol to Kizaru, the admiral wasn’t trolling at all. Benn Beckman really intimidated Kizaru. Therefore Benn Beckman is considered yonko level.

Why is Kizaru afraid of Benn Beckman?

Kizaru is supposed to be impervious to physical attacks, but he didn’t engage Beckman, so was it because he didn’t want to fight Beckman at the moment and thereby starting a war with the Red Hair Pirates or was it because Beckman’s rifle is special?

What is Benn Beckman bounty?

Considering the fact that the Red Hair Pirates is led by one of the Yonkou, Benn Beckman’s bounty could be higher than 1,000,000,000 Bellies. According to the writer, his bounty could be anywhere around 1.3-1.4 Billion Bellies.

What did ODA say about Benn Beckman?

Oda said Ben Beckman had the highest IQ among the characters introduced back in East Blue. D: Yo!! Ei-chan!!

What does Benn Beckman do in one piece?

That’s why, we could suspect that Benn Beckman is some kind of inventor/shipwright for the Red Haired Pirates, similar to Franky ‘s role for the Straw Hats. We have seen him carry a handgun around, the one he used to threaten Kizaru during the end of the Marineford War.

Why was Kizaru afraid of Benn Beckman in one piece?

We discussed the possible power of Benn Beckman in One Piece and the possible reason Kizaru was afraid of him during their encounter at the Marineford War. We also explored a crazy theory about the connection between Sanji, Benn Beckman and the Vinsmoke Family.

How does Benn Beckman see into the future?

I think Benn Beckman can, similar to Katakuri, see a bit into the future, and that’s why Kizaru stopped when he was going to attack Luffy, because Benn would, since his intentions, probably fire a Sea Stone bullet from the gun he was pointing at him as well.

What kind of Haki does Benn Beckman have?

Since Shanks himself is the master of Haki, it is not surprising that his crew mates (especially Benn, as he is the first mate) also have a very high Haki skills. Usopp’s father could as well has a powerful Observation Haki that helps him in sniping enemies.