How tall is Dondon Hontiveros?

1.85 m
Dondon Hontiveros/Height

Where is dondon Hontiveros now?

Donaldo “Dondon” Cabañes Hontiveros (born June 1, 1977) is a Filipino politician and former professional basketball player currently serving as a council member for the 2nd district of Cebu City.

Who is ice hontiveros?

ISAIAH ‘Ice’ Blanco-Hontiveros has committed to La Salle as he returns to Manila for college. The son of PBA legend and Cebuano shooter Dondon Hontiveros has been wooed by UAAP teams since his graduation from University of Cebu, with Far Eastern University, Ateneo, and University of Santo Tomas among his options.

Is Pia Hontiveros related to Risa Hontiveros?

She is a proponent of LGBT rights bill and an opposition figure against the country’s controversial drug war. She is the older sister of journalists and television hosts Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar and Pia Hontiveros.

Is Pia Hontiveros still with CNN?

Career. Hontiveros is the Chief Correspondent for CNN Philippines, the anchor of the network’s flagship newscast News Night, and the host of weekly political talk show Politics As Usual. She was the host of the political talk show News.PH from 2012–2017, and anchor of the global newscast Global Newsroom from 2016–2017.

Who are the hontiveros sisters?

Pia Hontiveros
Ginggay Hontiveros
Risa Hontiveros/Sisters

Is Pia and Risa Hontiveros related?

Is CNN part of ABS CBN?

It is owned and operated by Nine Media Corporation, together with Radio Philippines Network (RPN) as the main content provider, under license from WarnerMedia, a multimedia subsidiary of US-based telecommunications provider AT….CNN Philippines.

Broadcast area Nationwide
Slogan News You Can Trust

Who is Risa Hontiveros husband?

Francisco Baraquel Jr.m. 1990–2005
Risa Hontiveros/Husband

What was Risa Hontiveros fighting for?

Hontiveros was principal author and sponsor of Republic Act No. 10932, or the “Act strengthening the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law”, which increases the penalties for hospitals that demand deposits or advance payments before administering basic emergency services.

Is CNN Philippines owned by San Miguel?

While businessman Ramon Ang reportedly owns a minority share in Nine Media, SEC documents does not shows any Ang’s shares with the company. Instead, Ang makes investments through advertisements and paid programming from the San Miguel Group to sole property CNN Philippines.

Is CNN Philippines free TV?

CNN Philippines is the Philippines’ only predominantly English-language channel on free-to-air television. It is also available on cable and pay television. It offers Filipino viewers a global perspective on key issues and trending stories from around the world, together with in-depth local coverage.