Is bamboo The singer married?

Cecil Mañalac
Bamboo Mañalac/Spouse

What is Bamboo real name?

Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo Mañalac
Bamboo Mañalac/Full name

What kind of voice does bamboo have?

He is recognized as the “Prince of Rock”/”King of Rock” in the Philippines. He is currently a judge on The Voice of the Philippines and is billed as “The voice that rocked our world.”…Bamboo Mañalac.

Genre(s) Rock, jazz, blues
Instruments Vocals, acoustic guitar (occasionally)
Label(s) PolyEast
Years active 1994-1998, 2003-present

Why did Rico leave rivermaya?

On May 24, 2007, Rico Blanco officially announced his departure from the group citing personal reasons. His last performance with the band was on May 4, 2007 at the Metro Bar. Despite the rumors that the band would eventually disband, both Rivermaya and its management denied the rumors as a result.

How old is bamboo singer?

46 years (March 21, 1975)
Bamboo Mañalac/Age

Is Bamboo part of Rivermaya?

Rivermaya is currently composed of original members Mark Escueta and Nathan Azarcon, together with longest serving guitarist Mike Elgar. Notable former original members include chief songwriter Rico Blanco and vocalist Bamboo Mañalac, who later formed the band Bamboo and later went on his solo career.

Who is Cecil and Bamboo Manalac married to?

Bamboo is a married man. After being in a relationship with Cecil Mañalac for several years, they finally married in a close ceremony. Together, they have welcomed two children named Isabelle Mañalac and Lucius Mañalac. Bamboo has managed to keep his past affair status so secret that nothing is published.

Who is the lead singer of Bamboo Manalac?

Bamboo Mañalac. Francisco Gaudencio Lupe Belardo Mañalac, (born January 19, 1978) popularly known as Bamboo Mañalac, is a Filipino musician and singer, who was known as the former vocalist of Filipino rock bands, Rivermaya and Bamboo, now performing as a solo artist.Personal Life He is married by his wife Cecil Mañalac.

What kind of kids does Cecil Manalac have?

Cecil Mañalac – Together they have two children – a boy named Lucius Mañalac and a girl named Isabelle Mañalac. He is of Filipino descent. Through his social media, he has either endorsed or promoted various brands including Veger, Yamaha, and Dragon Mart.

Where did Bamboo Manalac live most of his life?

Mañalac was born in Quezon City, Philippines to Filipino parents. His family immigrated to San Francisco, California when he was 10 years old and spent the rest of his childhood there.