Is Camping at Dry Tortugas worth it?

At $195 for three nights, it might seem like you should at least have access to clean running water, but camping in Dry Tortugas is worth the price. The campsites have the benefit of being full of shaded areas to get out of the sun.

How much does it cost to camp at Dry Tortugas?

Campsite Fees $15 per night, per individual site. $30 per night for the group site.

How many people have died at Dry Tortugas?

The area saw 14 deaths total, with transportation-related leading the cause for death at six people. Drowning ranks second with four deaths and “undetermined” deaths ranks third. Biscayne Park was 28th on the list with eight deaths, mostly transportation-related, and Dry Tortugas ranked 31st with six deaths total.

Can you bring alcohol to Dry Tortugas?

Can we bring a small cooler with water, food, and beer to enjoy at the Dry Tortugas? You may bring a small cooler with beverages to take to the beach; Remember, you cannot consume any alcohol from your cooler while aboard the Yankee Freedom, as we have a liquor license and glass containers are forbidden.

Can you spend the night on Dry Tortugas?

Overnight stays give you a chance to appreciate the remote, natural beauty of the Dry Tortugas, though part of the draw here is that you can experience much of it in a day, unlike some national parks that you couldn’t see all of in a lifetime.

How do I get to the cheapest Dry Tortugas?

The trip from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park is approximately two hours and fifteen minutes. Visitors to the park on day trips are able to enjoy just over four hours on the island. The ferry is the cheapest way to get to Dry Tortugas National Park.

Can you stay overnight at Dry Tortugas?

Why do they call it Dry Tortugas?

“Tortugas” means turtles in Spanish, and Ponce de Leon himself caught over 100 sea turtles during his time on the island. The name “Dry” Tortugas was later given to the island to indicate to other mariners that the land mass lacked fresh water, which was an extremely important detail for seafarers to know.

Is there water on Dry Tortugas?

This 100-square mile park is mostly open water with seven small islands. Accessible only by boat or seaplane, the park is known the world over as the home of magnificent Fort Jefferson, picturesque blue waters, superlative coral reefs and marine life, and the vast assortment of bird life that frequents the area.

Is it possible to camp at the Dry Tortugas?

Camping at the Dry Tortugas is very popular. Reservations on the ferry are limited and sell out 9-12 months in advance so please plan ahead! Camping at Fort Jefferson is PRIMITIVE CAMPING! In other words, you must bring everything (water included) with you.

Where is Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida?

Dry Tortugas National Park provides one of the most unique camping experiences in the entire National Park system. The park is about 70 miles west of Key West on a small group of seven islands called the Dry Tortugas.

Is there a ferry to the Dry Tortugas?

The seaplane does not offer transport for campers. The ferry can bring campers and their gear to the Dry Tortugas. You should check with the ferry operator for details on what they will transport by calling them at 1-800-634-0939. Once you arrive, there are wheeled carts at the dock to assist in moving your camping gear to the campground.

Where to go for spring break in Dry Tortugas?

Camping in Dry Tortugas offered on Garden Key in the shadow of the 19th century Fort Jefferson and on a white sand beach with access to incredible snorkeling. During spring break one year, I took a trip on the Yankee Freedom III to spend 3 days camping on a deserted island in the Gulf of Mexico.