Is Icelandair flying out of Seattle?

For the best fares and an unparalleled flying experience, choose Icelandair to fly to Reykjavik (KEF) from Seattle (SEA).

What happened to Icelandair?

It ended on 6 March 2019. On 5 November 2018, Icelandair announced plans to take over its low-cost competitor, WOW air, with the two airlines to be operated as separate brands.

Is Icelandair a good company?

Icelandair is Certified as a 3-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

How many hours is the flight from Seattle to Iceland?

7 hours 15 minutes
Average direct flight time is 7 hours 15 minutes. The fastest direct flight from Seattle to Iceland is 7 hours 15 minutes.

Is Icelandair a budget airline?

While Icelandair is often considered a budget airline, and I did get a crazy cheap fare to Iceland, my experience on Icelandair didn’t feel “cheap.” Depending on what aircraft you fly, the seats are more spacious than what you’ll find on most top-dollar airlines in economy.

Is Iceland air a safe airline?

The group also named the safest low-cost carriers: Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines, Icelandair, Jetstar, Jetblue,, Monarch Airlines, Thomas Cook, TUI Fly, and Westjet. (Specific rankings were not assigned for this list, either.) While 149 airlines have top 7-star rating, almost 50 have just three stars or less.

Are Icelandair seats comfortable?

Overall, I found my seat to be comfortable with plenty of legroom, especially given that I was in the bulkhead row. If you’re thinking about flying in Icelandair Economy Comfort, though, shoot for rows toward the front of the cabin, even if seat maps show that they might be in the Saga Class.

What to see when you fly from Iceland to Seattle?

Before you take in Seattle’s skyline filled with the Space Needle and Mount Rainier, consider stopping to see Hallgrímskirkja and Esja mountain fill Reykjavík’s panoramas. When you book flights to Seattle with Icelandair you have the opportunity to add a stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare.

Where does Icelandair fly in and out of?

Icelandair passengers from Europe and North America land at Keflavík International Airport (KEF). Once inside the terminal, it’s a small, walkable airport with everything you need. There are stores and restaurants, and look out for taps near restrooms where you can fill up water bottles with pure Icelandic water. Check out a map of the terminal.

Which is the best airline to fly from Seattle to Reykjavik?

For the best fares and an unparalleled flying experience, choose Icelandair to fly to Reykjavik (KEF) from Seattle (SEA). Icelandair provides hundreds of hours of movies and music in the in-flight entertainment system, Wi-Fi access on most flights, and a USB power port at every seat to power up your laptop or smartphone.

How to get in touch with Icelandair customer service?

Created with Sketch. Send us a message if you have any questions about our services, for instance regarding flight information, Saga Club or baggage issues. If you have a flight in the next 3 days, we ask you to contact us by phone. (00) 1-800-223-5500 Did something happen to your baggage? Get in touch and we’ll get right on it.