Is it hard to hit a 60 degree wedge?

Weekend players complain that lob wedges are difficult to hit. If you simply accelerate through impact, a 60-degree wedge is just as easy to hit as a 55. Play the ball in the middle of your stance and go short backswing to long follow. You’ll quickly learn that the lob is the one wedge you can’t live without.

When to hit 60 degree wedges?

You should use your 60 degree wedge when you are chipping near the green. The three additional factors you need to take into consideration when near the green are your ball lie, the landscape features between the ball and pin, and finally, the hole position on the green.

What is the easiest 60 degree wedge to hit?

But Cleveland CBX 2 wedge makes its a lot easier. Thanks to “Feel Balancing Technology,” the Cleveland 60 degree CBX Lob Wedge feels and swings just like a cavity-backed iron. It will give you the confidence needed to take a good hack at the ball, and the forgiveness required when you miss.

How far can a pro hit a 60 degree wedge?

60 Degree Wedge Distance (Lob Wedge) A 60 degree wedge distance which would be a lob wedge would typically travel 70 yards for an average amateur golfer and around 90 yards for an average professional.

Should I get a 60 wedge?

Should You Use A 58 Or 60 Degree Wedge? The majority of average golfers find a 58-degree wedge to be more useful because it’s easier to hit and is better at controlling distance. 60-degree wedges should only be used by lower handicap or scratch golfers.

Should you chip with a pitching wedge?

The pitching wedge is also a great club for bump and run chipping because the low amount of loft allows the ball to fly lower and roll further once it lands on the green.

How many yards should you hit a 60 degree wedge?

Professional golfers can hit their 60-degree wedge around 100 yards while beginning golfers hit their 60-degree an average of about 30 yards. While these distances are just the norms, there are specific tips and strategies you can use to gain extra yards and to produce longer shots with your 60- degree wedge.

Can a 60 degree wedge be used in a sand bunker?

Yes, a 60-degree wedge can be used to hit the ball out of a sand bunker, provided it has an adequate bounce angle. Although the lob wedge is all about its high loft, when it comes to hitting out of the sand, it’s important to concentrate on the bounce rather than the loft.

What makes a 60 degree golf wedge bounce?

Bounce refers to the angle formed between the leading edge of the club and the sole (bottom of the club). This angle is visible when your golf club establishes contact with the ground during impact. 60-degree wedges with a high loft angle make strong contact with the ground during impact with the ball to produce a low bounce of around 4°-8°.

What’s the difference between a lob and a 60 degree wedge?

Moniker – The 60-degree wedge is otherwise known as the lob wedge while a wedge with a loft angle between 50 and 54 is called the gap wedge. Function – Any wedge with a higher loft is used to achieve a higher flight. The 60-degree wedge with a higher loft angle is used to launch the ball high up in the air.