Is Ocean Park San Juan Safe?

The city beaches are actually very safe, friendly and well protected places. They are also surprisingly pretty; Ocean Park and Pine Grove are among the most charming beaches in all of Puerto Rico, for example. All beaches on Puerto Rico, even those fronting the top hotels, are open to the public.

Can you go to the beach in San Juan Puerto Rico?

Public beaches and natural reserves are open, following social distancing guidelines. Fully vaccinated people are not mandated to wear masks at beaches and parks. Those who are fully vaccinated are not mandated to wear masks in outdoor public areas. Attractions and tours are open.

Can you swim in Old San Juan?

Dont Go Swimming If you must get into the water while you’re in the old city, your best bet is to walk along the Paseo del Morro, where the water is calm beyond the San Juan Gate.

Is Ocean Park safe at night?

Try not to be on the streets after dark, especially if you are a woman alone. These are general guidelines you should follow no matter where you travel but especially if you are alone. Also, the beach is lovely in Ocean Park but not safe after dark.

Is San Juan expensive?

Of course, San Juan is the most expensive city in Puerto Rico, so if you settle for a smaller city, your cost of living will go down. For example, Aguadilla, a beach town on the island’s west coast, has a significantly lower cost of living than San Juan.

What is the prettiest beach in San Juan Puerto Rico?

El Escambrón
This is the perfect spot to witness the contrast between Old San Juan and the modern city. Recognized with Blue Flag awards throughout the years, El Escambrón is the most picturesque beach in San Juan. There you can do anything from snorkeling and swimming to having a romantic stroll.

Are the beaches nice in San Juan?

Even the capital city of San Juan features some gorgeous stretches of sand, as well as beach resorts for all budgets and styles of traveler. But some of the most beautiful beaches are found outside of the city, including three on the nearby Isla Verde coastline.

Can you walk to the beach from Old San Juan?

Playa Peña, a wonderful surprise just a few minute’s walk from Old San Juan. For many years there was no beach in Old San Juan. City workers and volunteers cleaned up this beach and gave locals and visitors easy access to it.

Where is the Ocean Park in Puerto Rico?

Zain Deane is the author of “Explorer’s Guide San Juan, Vieques & Culebra: A Great Destination” and several other guidebooks for Puerto Rico. Ocean Park, along with its tiny neighbor to the east, Punta Las Marías, is one of my favorite spots in San Juan.

Where to stay in Ocean Park San Juan?

Numero Uno Guest House is the quintessential Ocean Park hotel; intimate, cozy, and right on the beach. It also has a fantastic restaurant. Hostería del Mar is another popular beachfront choice with a great restaurant. Tres Palmas Inn is a basic, budget option that’s recently been renovated.

Is there a vegetarian hotel in San Juan?

San Juan’s only vegetarian hotel is located in the pristine neighborhood of Ocean Park, only 200 steps from the beach. From here it is a 10 minute walk to the highly touristic area of Condado and a short 10 minute ride to the Old City or the airport.

What makes Ocean Park different from other San Juan neighborhoods?

Ocean Park differs from the rest of San Juan in that it has no monuments, casinos or museums. Everything centers on being outside and enjoying the neighborhood’s best natural resources. Resource #1 is, of course, the beach.