Is Porsche 935 A 911?

This is the new Porsche 935, a ‘single-seater, near-standard, non-homologated racing car’ according to Porsche. But more prosaically, it’s a 911 GT2 RS-based, 77-car track toy that pays homage to the monster 911 endurance racer from 1978 – the one they called ‘Moby Dick’. Basically a re-bodied GT2 RS ClubSport.

Is the Porsche 935 street legal?

Porsche’s “Moby Dick” of a race car terrorized racetracks in the late 1970s and early ’80s, but the 935 was never street-legal. Instead of a lookalike car, the company built Wolf a 935 that is 98-percent identical to the 935 racer that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1979.

How fast is the Porsche 935?

Now fitted with a 3.2-liter engine that generated in excess of 600 horsepower, the 935 was the fastest car on the Le Mans straight, recording a top speed of 228 mph. As Porsche stopped racing the 935 beyond 1978, some teams developed their own evolutions of the race cars.

How much horsepower does a Porsche 935 have?

The amazement in the crowd was as great as the cheers and applause of the fans of historic and modern vehicles from Weissach. The 515 kW (700 hp) racer featuring a body reminiscent of the legendary Porsche 935/78 will be produced in a limited number of 77 units.

What is Porsche Martini?

Marking the return of Porsche to endurance motorsport is a limited edition 911 in traditional Martini racing design, which reflects the styling of Porsche race cars of the 1970s. The 911 Carrera S pays tribute to the successes of the legendary Porsche Le Mans race cars such as the 917 and the 935 “Moby Dick”.

When was the Porsche 935 made?

Porsche 935
Production 1976–1981
Assembly West Germany: Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
Designer Norbert Singer
Body and chassis

When did the Porsche 935 turbo come out?

Introduced in 1976 as the factory racing version of the 911 (930) Turbo and prepared for FIA – Group 5 rules, it was an evolution of the Carrera RSR 2.1 turbo prototype, the second place overall finisher in the 1974 24 Hours of Le Mans .

What kind of body kit does Porsche 935 use?

Some customer teams modified their 934s to Group 5 rules with body kits supplied by Porsche, these were often designated 934/5. Cologne-based Kremer Racing entered a 935 K1 built on a factory shell which in the first race, the six-hour Mugello, finished second behind the Martini Racing sponsored factory entry of Mass and Ickx.

What was the price of a 1976 Porsche 935?

1976 Porsche 935/76 9305700001 (R14) – sold for $2,530,000 The First 935 Built and the First 930 Chassis. Factory Prototype Used for Testing and Development Work. First Overall at Watkins Glen and Third at Dijon. Driven by Rolf Stommelen and Manfred Schurti. An Integral Component of Porsche’s 1976 Group 5 Championship.

Who was the Porsche 935 Le Mans winner?

View high resolution photos This is Bob Akin’s famous Le Mans car of 1982. It was one of the wildest Porsche 935s of the… More View high resolution photos Eight 1st place finishes, 13 total podium finishes Driven by John Fitzpatrick, Bob Wollek, David Hobbs, Al Holbert, Derek Bell,…