Is Sojos made in the USA?

Are Sojos products made in the USA? All of our products, from baked treats, to freeze-dried meat treats and Sojos Complete food recipes to Sojos Pre-Mix food recipes are made in our Minnesota kitchens.

Who owns Sojos dog food?

WellPet LLC
– WellPet LLC, an independent, family owned natural pet food company, announced it has acquired Minneapolis-based Sojos, which specializes in raw pet food and gourmet treats.

Is Koha a good dog food?

KOHA Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

Why is freeze-dried bad for dogs?

High Fat Content Some freeze-dried foods are very high in fat. While fat is an important nutrient for your dog, you should limit fat in his diet to 10-20%. Higher fat content will start to cannibalize other important vitamins and minerals. It’s best to avoid those foods with 30% fat or more!

Is Sojos dog food human-grade?

Here at Sojos, we only use human-grade ingredients to make our food & treats. We use only USDA meat, and our food is manufactured under HACCP guidelines. We use no GMO’s, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors.

Is Sojos human-grade?

All-Natural Goodness. Sojos Complete is raw made easy. It’s a complete and balanced meal chock-full of human-grade ingredients—no GMOs, no fillers, no preservatives and no artificial colors. Even the vitamin and mineral supplements are from natural derivatives.

Is Sojos good for dogs?

5.0 out of 5 stars Feeding Sojos raw dog food provides natural healthy nutritious food your dog will love. We have found that feeding Sojos raw dog food quickly aids in recovery of skin and coat issues. Sometimes, we mix it with a high quality kibble limited ingredient that is recommended for these breeds.

Is Sojos a good brand?

Shoppers are extremely impressed with the high quality feel of the glasses (especially at SOJOS’ extremely low prices), and are particularly enamored with this cat-eye style, which has over 3,500 five-star reviews. Buy It! “You can literally feel the quality and weight difference and the SOJOS is clearly the winner.

Where is Koha cat made?

the USA
Koha. Koha Pet Food is made in the USA. All of the formulas include New Zealand green-lipped mussels and are free of grain, gluten, potato, and carrageenan gum.

Are Tiki cats good?

Tiki Cat food receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. Customers like the food’s low carbohydrate content and simple recipes. The brand is popular among cats with IBD, diabetes, and other sensitivities. The Grill and Luau lines are particularly popular, while After Dark receives mixed reviews.

Is freeze dried dog food as good as raw?

Freeze dried foods are often a good alternative for people who like to feed a raw diet. Your dog gets the same nutritional benefits of eating raw without the mess. The foods are nutritionally balanced, easy to handle and store, plus they keep a long time.

Do you add water to freeze dried dog food?

Like the human version, freeze-dried dog food has had all its moisture sucked out through freezing temperatures and a multi-step drying process. The result is a bone-dry, shelf-stable product that can last for years and be plumped back up by simply adding water.

What foods are in sojos complete for puppies?

In short, it’s raw made easy. Sojos Complete for Puppies is the first life-stage food in the raw, shelf-stable category. It combines raw, freeze-dried turkey and omega-rich salmon with select superfoods and a targeted blend of essential vitamins and minerals. Just add water for fresh, well-rounded… [Read More]

What are the different flavors of sojos treats?

Sojos 100% Raw Freeze-Dried Meat Treats For Dogs 3 Flavor Variety Bundle: (1) Sojos Simply Beef 100% Raw Freeze-Dried Beef Treats, (1) Sojos Simply Lamb 100% Raw Freeze-Dried Lamb Treats, and (1) Sojos Simply Turkey 100% Raw Freeze-Dried Turkey Treats, 4 O . .

Is it safe to eat raw meat from sojos?

Raw made safe. Our gentle, proprietary freeze-drying process makes raw meat safe without heat or chemicals. Click for a sneak peek at Sojos’ new product launches—including Mix-a-Meal Pre-Mix, Mix-a-Meal Protein and Mix-a-Meal Mix-In, Complete Pork and Complete Chicken, and redesigned Sojos Wild.

Are there any recalls on sojos dog food?

The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this Sojos product line. If there are no recalls listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events.