Is the 07 Duramax a good engine?

The engine was phased out in 2007 solely for the purpose of emissions regulations. Overall, the Duramax LBZ is an awesome engine that is highly reliable and capable from a performance perspective.

Does a 2007 Duramax have emissions?

The new emissions standard The Duramax 6.6L V-8 has new equipment to help it meet the government-mandated 2007 emissions standard. It requires a 90-percent reduction in particulate matter compared with the current standard, which was implemented in 2004, and a 50-percent reduction in NOx.

How do you do a burnout in an automatic truck?

Press down on the brake pedal with your left foot and shift the vehicle into drive. With your right foot, mash the gas pedal to the floor. Your rear tires should start spinning and you’re now doing a burnout.

What’s the best year of Duramax?

The Duramax L5P, the current model first released in the 2017 model year, easily takes the crown as the best Duramax engine yet produced. We’ll discuss the many upgrades of the L5P at the end of this article.

Which Duramax motor is the most reliable?

However, once the injector issue is addressed, the LB7 is extremely reliable. The lightweight and independent front suspension on these trucks makes obtaining 20-mpg a cinch and gives them better ride comfort than their solid front axle Ford and Dodge counterparts.

What is the best year model Duramax?

2006-2007 2500 & 3500. Perhaps the most desired of all Duramax models are the ’06-’07 Classic body style trucks.

What makes the Duramax LBZ engine so reliable?

Unless you are looking to break the 600rwhp barrier, the Duramax LBZ engine is extremely reliable. The tune-only power capabilities combined with its reliability are what make the LBZ the most sought after Duramax today, nearly 14 years after it stopped production.

What are the most common Duramax 6.6L engine problems?

5 Most Common LBZ Duramax 6.6L Engine Problems. 1 1. LBZ Cracked Pistons. The LBZ is revered for its tune-only performance capabilities. With various upgrades, this engine is easily capable of 2 2. Duramax LBZ Water Pump Failure. 3 3. Glow Plug Failure – LBZ. 4 4. Allison 1000 Transmission Line Leaks. 5 5. Duramax EGR Problems.

What to do if your Duramax engine is having problems?

Blocking or removing it will remove the recirculation of exhaust gases which will prevent the gunk and particulate buildup in the EGR valve and intake manifold which is what primarily causes EGR problems. You will get CEL’s for doing either of these but they can be coded out with a tuner.

Are there any problems with the LLY Duramax?

In terms of LLY injector problems, GM had sorted out the internal failures with the 2004 ½ redesign, but the LLY Duramax would occasionally exhibit a trouble code for the injectors, but in most cases it turned out to be an issue with the injector harness rubbing through and causing a short or open in the wiring.