Is there an a team in Pretty Little Liars?

However, the current structure of the “A-Team” was not thought of at the time. It was believed by many people that there is only one “A”, the person in the black hoodie, and that this “A” had helpers in case of emergency.

Why was Toby on the a team in Pretty Little Liars?

Also, it was mentioned that if he and Mona knew that Nate was going to have Garrett Reynolds “off the hook” for Maya’s murder then they would have done things differently. Toby’s motives for being involved in the “A-Team” were to “keep Spencer safe” as revealed in ” A DAngerous GAme “.

Do you exist in the world of PLL?

You exist in the PLL universe. You know nothing about the show and are just a student at Rosewood High. Alison wants to recruit you into her circle of Liars. Do you accept and join the group? Did Spencer say a body was buried in her yard?

Where is the best place to discuss Pretty Little Liars?

The number one place to discuss and theorize on all things Pretty Little Liars (The TV Series, The Books and the Stars). 1. Be polite. 2. Spoilers. 3. No linking/discussing pirating. 4. Irrelevant content. I can open my own damn door.

What kind of clothes does ARIA wear in Pretty Little Liars?

This archetype can tend to be somewhat clich├ęd when it comes to outfits (think flannels, black skinny jeans, leather jackets, boots, et cetera), but the Pretty Little Liars costume designer seems to be able to put a romantic spin on every outfit to match with Aria’s sweet but sassy personality, making for some pretty cool ensembles!

Who are the underlings in Pretty Little Liars?

Cece had many underlings working for her, including Sara Harvey, Wren Kingston, Mona, and even Spencer and Tony (who were undercover and really wanted to protect the Liars). Alex is Spencer’s identical twin, revealing that some scenes with”Spencer” were actually Alex, like when Hanna talked to her “vision” after being kidnapped.

What happens at the ball in Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer pleads with Mona to stop, encouraging her that Hanna is still her friend. As they drive, Spencer is secretly recording their conversation on her phone and sending the video to Aria’s phone. Aria, Hanna, and Emily leave the ball immediately and drive to Lookout Point.