Should I wax my cross-country skis?

To keep your skis in good condition you will need to wax them. The more regularly you wax them, the better they will glide. Waxing cross-country skis may seem technical and expensive.

What is the best cross-country ski wax?

Best XC Ski Wax Kits in 2021

  1. Demon Complete Basic Tune Kit with Wax.
  2. Swix North Kit.
  3. RaceWax Complete Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit.
  4. Winterial Snowboard and Ski Tuning Kit.
  5. Demon Hyper Speed Ski & Snowboard Tune Kit.

When should you wax cross-country skis?

If professionals wax their cross-country skis every day, does that mean that you have to invest time in ski care before every single tour as well? No, don’t worry. Normally it is enough to take care of the wax layer every 2-3 days. This should be enough to ensure a constant gliding effect.

How long does cross-country ski wax last?

After every couple of liquid wax jobs you should clean the dirt from your bases with some base cleaner before you wax again. Generally each application will last about 20 miles. The easiest solution: rub on, let dry and go.

Can you put wax on waxless cross country skis?

The procedure for hot waxing tips and tails of waxless skis is the same as waxing skate or classical skis. For this reason, most waxless ski users refuse to apply grip wax or klister over the tread pattern. A few minutes of care for a waxless ski will provide better performance and a longer life for the bases.

Why are my waxless skis sticking?

This is because you have to accommodate skis that don’t glide, for which they are designed. So, if you’re skis constantly stick to the snow because you’re unwilling to wax them, you may as well just put them back in the shed and throw on some snowshoes.

Can you use candle wax on cross-country skis?

no, candle wax wont work. its not the wax that makes skis fast, it the compounds in them like moly, florocarbon, graphite, just to name a few. wax is just a medium of appling it to the ski. wax will help it stay in the base but not make it go faster.

Where do you put wax on cross-country skis?

Grip waxing your classic cross-country skis Only waxable classic cross-country skis should be waxed at the grip zone (underneath your foot). Fishscale or skin skis don’t need any grip wax. Grip wax on classic cross-country skis is all about a compromise between grip and glide.

Can you use car wax on cross-country skis?

My husband puts a coat of Turtle Wax hard shell (rub on) car wax on our “waxless” xc skis. Only rub it downwards over the scales, so it doesn’t build up under them. Rub in real well on tip and tail, and voila!! We do the whole ski.

Does cross-country ski wax go bad?

It doesn’t matter weather it is plant based or hydrocarbon based it should not spoil.

Can you use kick wax on waxless skis?

Without question, the use of the term “waxless” in the marketing of scale-patterned xc skis worked terrifically. However, in this context waxless only refers to the use of kick wax. You still need to routinely apply glide wax to the ski’s tips and tails.

Can you use maxiglide quick wax on skis?

Improve the glide of your waxless skis with a layer of Maxiglide Quick Wax from this 4 oz. container. Made in USA. Need help deciding? Schedule a free 1-on-1 virtual appointment with one of our experts.

What kind of wax do you use on cross country skis?

There are two types of ski waxes, and they fulfill similar, but slightly different functions, for both classic and skating cross-country skis. Glide wax is the wax you will encounter more frequently. All cross-country skis require glide wax. Glide wax is applied to the entire base of skate style skis.

Is there a 4 oz container of maxiglide?

Error: REI employees are not permitted to submit reviews or Q&A at this time. This product is no longer available, but don’t go just yet. Improve the glide of your waxless skis with a layer of Maxiglide Quick Wax from this 4 oz. container. Made in USA.

Where does the kick wax start on a ski?

If kick wax is applied incorrectly, the quality of your skiing will be negatively impacted. Generally speaking, a wax pocket is the section on the bottom of the ski that begins 30 centimeters in front of your toe and ends at the heel. Many new skis feature markings for the wax pocket, or kick zone.