What are the best seats at Hollywood Bowl?

Super Seats These seats are considered to be the best seats in the bowl. Located in the center, there are only three sections of these seats; J1, H, and G1. Unlike boxes in other sections, these seats are stadium style and have cup holders.

Is there a bad seat at the Hollywood Bowl?

When it comes to choosing where to sit at the Hollywood Bowl, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll find that there isn’t a bad seat in the house, with stunning landscape views and large screens on either side of the stage so you won’t miss any details.

What is a super seat Hollywood Bowl?

The Hollywood Bowl Super Seats are known as the preferred section within the Hollywood Bowl because they are limited to only three sections in the central area of the amphitheater and are arranged in stadium-seating style for the lucky patrons who are able to reserve them. …

How are the seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

Hollywood Bowl/Capacity

Are Hollywood Bowl Super Seats worth it?

The Super Seats at Hollywood Bowl are among some of the best seats options for any show. They are located in the middle of the entire venue giving them a great viewing height and a perfect, centered view. Most of the Hollywood Bowl has wooden benches for fans to sit on.

What should I wear to the Hollywood Bowl?

We have a casual dress code. Wear whatever’s comfortable (but no bare feet, please!) It can get chilly later in the evening – bring a blanket or an extra jacket.

How many people can sit at the Hollywood Bowl?

How much does a box at the Hollywood Bowl cost?

How much do Hollywood Bowl Garden Box Tickets cost? Currently, tickets can start at $215.00, and average $410.00.

Can you bring drinks into the Hollywood Bowl?

You’re welcome to bring your own food and drink* to the Hollywood Bowl. Bringing alcohol is dependent on the type of event you’re attending. For LA Phil-presented events, feel free to bring wine bottles, wine glasses and beer bottles inside. *For Lease Events, however, alcohol isn’t permitted.

Is parking free at Hollywood Bowl?

Yes, there is free parking available directly outside our centre.

How much is a box at the Hollywood Bowl?

Where are the rows at the Hollywood Bowl?

The Hollywood Bowl sections D and E sit to the right and left of the Terrace Boxes. Sections D and E are bench seats. There are twenty-one rows in section D and E. Section D at the Hollywood Bowl is even numbered (2 – 30), and Section E seat numbers are odd (1-31).

What are the super seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

The Hollywood Bowl Super Seats are the first three center sections of seats behind the boxes and are labeled as H, J1, and G1. Hollywood Bowl Super Seats are individual stadium-style seats that come with cup holders and tend to be more comfortable than the benches.

Where are the terrace seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

The Terrace Boxes start at box 1020 and end with box 1870. Each section has eight rows of boxes. There are no assigned seats in each box and are based on first come first served. It is also known as Promenade 2. Chairs inside the Terrace Boxes at the Hollywood Bowl are canvas-covered seats that are collapsible.

How many seats are in the Hollywood Bowl Garden box?

The Hollywood Bowl Garden Boxes are the first set of seats behind the pool circle. The majority of Hollywood Bowl Garden Boxes contain four chairs in each box; some include six seats in the box.